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OUWA.orgNew macOS Big Sur experience. Big Sur marks the first time in 6 years that Apple has changed the interface for this operating system, along with a lot of new changes for a major update. I have been using Big Sur very early, in the middle of June and when it was officially launched, I installed it right away to share with my brothers. And this will be a review of this macOS 11 version.

When using this new version, surely you will see it has something “more iOS”. That’s right! Big Sur’s new interface can be said to be an attempt for Apple to synchronize the macOS design with the rest of the operating systems. A series of changes in terms of design, interface, graphics, menus, window borders, Dock, … It’s been 6 years ago new Apple macOS interface changes, your personal assessment is quite stable.

macos-11-5.jpegThe interface of each window is now flattened, no longer feeling as blocky as before. This makes it easier for you to focus on the content contained in a window more. If you do not look familiar, you will feel quite uncomfortable. The reason is that it is difficult to differentiate between active windows and unused windows, which is what we get most often.


The menu bar is now transparent like sandblasting material. In contrast to the window border, this is a change I quite like. It makes the desktop more seamless, spacious, and clean. Anyone who uses a 13-inch device now may not need to hide it for a glimpse.
macos-11-7.jpegThere’s a very special change in the menubar bar that older macOS doesn’t have: the Control Center button. This button has the same effect as on iOS, giving you the control to turn connections on and off, adjust brightness, volume, keyboard, and so on. However, in fact, our behavior will rarely touch it, because these on the functional keyboard are too complete. And the buttons to turn on / off wifi or connect to Bluetooth are also available outside the menubar, need to spend an extra operation. 


During an event in June, Apple said that they have “rebuilt” their Safari, resulting in a new browser on Big Sur and will load 50% faster than Chrome. However, in reality, not quite 50%. It’s true that Safari is better (just considering normal needs), but better here is fewer bugs, less lag, no more page reload as before, and a little faster than Safari. Old, not even 50% older than Chrome.
macos-11-9.jpegWith the reworked window border as mentioned above, along with the other Safari home page layout, we will have a nicer, brighter web browser. Apple also has built-in utility functions such as translator and security to prevent user tracking pages and will always ensure user passwords are safe. If any passwords are leaked, Safari will alert us to consider changing the password.

For me, the translator is not 100% efficient. Many websites still have failed recognition, font error, and so on.
macos-11-4.jpegThe new browser will also have its own arsenal of add-ons. At the same time, Safari can use these utilities from other browsers or download them by themselves through the App Store. For me, having Safari is what I’m looking forward to because browsing the web is what I do a lot on my computer. Although not “as good as advertised”, but this new version has very few bugs, no lag anymore, very like.

Apple continues to update its iMessage over the new OS generations. However, I don’t think it’s too different. The new feature this time mainly comes from the fact that you can now pin an important contact on tops such as a lover or family. In addition, Apple also makes searching for messages smarter (perhaps wanting to take advantage of the new M1 chip).

macos-11-3.jpegAnother change is that you can now create Memoji right on the Mac. Since there is no facial sensor, we can’t expect it to be the same as on the iPhone, it merely helps us personalize ourselves, but we rarely use this feature anyway.

In addition, Apple also refreshes as its default suite of applications, notably Apple Maps. Well, I don’t seem to find it very useful either because Vietnam is still weaker than Google Maps. While there are significantly more locations and support for finding locations has been greatly improved, there’s still too much of a shortage for us. I Hope Apple will support the map in Vietnam more deliciously.

In the last few beta versions, Safari has allowed viewing up to 4K resolution content on YouTube or Netflix and other video streaming services. However, only 2018 models onwards with T2 chips are supported, otherwise, Chrome still has to be used to view 4K. A little sad because I am using life 2016, not yet supported this feature.

No more “for fun” anymore. Apple has taken macOS’s default photo editor more seriously this time. With basic editing needs, this tool does a very well, very well-rounded. There are also default filters available to apply to the color change image, just like Instagram so, very convenient.


I like this small change. Before, when you choose to connect to the iPhone that you want to listen to on the MacBook, you have to go to the Bluetooth manager on the Mac to connect to the AirPods, and then do the same thing on the iPhone. Very around and go underground. Now the device will recognize we are wearing the AirPods near the Mac and connected. Switching between two listening sources becomes much faster.


  • If you notice, the boot sound has returned to this version. A “tèngggggg” sound will sound before the screen lights up.
  • The new set of backgrounds is quite nice, with both photos and drawings.
  • There are many new sound effects for tasks.
  • Similar notifications will be grouped into a group, similar to iOS to make it much easier to manage and less confusing.
  • Update faster, do not have to leave the machine there for tens of minutes each update.
  • Spotlight has changed the way it is arranged and optimized for keywords. It is true that the search seems to be faster and gets more results, but the arrangement doesn’t feel very sensible, or because I’m not familiar with : D
  • Apple Music is updated for smarter music suggestions.
  • Apple says that they optimize the software on the Big Sur with the new Macbook’s hardware using the M1 chip, this one to see in the future.
  • The new battery manager is more detailed, similar to iOS

Changing interface, new Safari, and the ability to switch sources on the AirPods are the three things that make me feel most excited about this update. There are other things, although new and very positive changes but do not affect much of their use.

macos-11-12.jpegIn addition, the question for you to care about is whether the device is smoother, hotter, more battery drain, no error, … then I would like to answer it very well, I have not encountered the above problems. Right from the first beta in June, I rated this as the best macOS beta I have ever used and when it officially was the same. The experience is relatively good and I have not seen any conflicts or application errors. My phone is always plugged in to charge, so the battery part is not clear, maybe thanks to you to share more.

At present, I can say that I am completely satisfied with this official version and I also advise you if you still have trouble, go ahead : D Delicious, but if there is an error, reset the device or completely reset it will No more errors. Whoever is up already or has any questions, please comment below to discuss.


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