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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and S21 Ultra


OUWA.org – Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and S21 Ultra. A source from the Korean news site Aju News has just said that Samsung is planning to develop the Galaxy S and Galaxy Z Fold smartphone generations in the future, to support users to use the S-Pen stylus on the devices. This new, more specifically, the Galaxy S21 Ultra and the 3rd generation Galaxy Z Fold folding screen machine. According to Aju News, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will have an S-Pen slot and will be officially sold. to the market in June 2020

But the most surprising thing that Aju News confirmed in their post is that Samsung will stop launching the Galaxy Note new version because now S21 and Z Fold 3 both have S-Pen. If this information is true, then although it will make many people who love Samsung’s Note device feel sad, it is not much of a surprise. The screen sizes of both the Galaxy S and Z Fold are getting bigger and bigger, to the point where the size of the Galaxy Note is no less. It will be overlapping to sell the Galaxy S21 and Note 21 at the same time when both can be equipped with the S-Pen stylus.

If again, the information of Aju News is correct, then this will be the end of a period, when the first Note hit the market in 2011, “normalize” the experience. on a large screen phablet, and at the same time become one of the annual products of the Korean electronics brand awaited by tens of millions of people worldwide every year.

Another unofficial source revealed more details of the Galaxy Z Fold 3, thereby saying that Samsung has developed a 2nd generation UTG (Ultra-thin Glass) flexible screen protector, which is durable enough to support you to use the S-Pen on the folding screen machine. Without UTG thin glass technology that is durable enough, it is difficult to use the S-Pen, because the flexible AMOLED screen made of plastic material is quite easy to scratch, or worse, damaged to the point that the screen is completely damaged.

Also in the article of Aju News, Samsung is planning to apply a selfie camera hidden under the screen for the Galaxy Z Fold 3, but this plan can be completely eliminated if the image quality and screen quality. where the front camera was hidden was not as high as they would have liked. In fact, even Samsung is said to have thought of the “indented” front camera application like some Android phones released before but has dropped this idea because of concerns about product durability.

If the Galaxy Note does not release the “21” version, will Sam fans be sad?

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