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Mercedes Maybach S-Class 2021

Mercedes Maybach S Class 2021

OUWA.orgMercedes Maybach S Class 2021The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class is the car built on the foundations of the S-Class, and it is the same for the 2021 generation. The difference from Mercedes-Maybach cars, in general, is that the premium is more oriented towards the rear occupants, for example, the seating space is extremely wide when the size is increased, or equipped with the system. Push-button electric door closing system and many other amenities.

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For the Mercedes Maybach S-Class 2021 generation, in addition to the spacious space, high-end technology is also widely applied, even immediately there is an active noise cancellation system, the shape works similar to other types. Noise-canceling headphones are popular in today’s market. Although the S-Class was an extremely quiet and silent car, so was the Mercedes. it is desirable to keep the noise resistance limits at an even higher level.


Still a special 2-tone paint option, Mercedes shared that it took them 1 week to complete the 2-tone paint for these 2021 Maybach S-Class, knowing that this would be the most meticulous and advanced. they can stop the car. And in a way, the paint color is also part of the identity of the car, aside from the difference to the Maybach S-Class when we see it off-road. (Read also All-New Subaru BRZ 2022)


Part of the steering wheel is still traditional in Maybach style with cascading-line-shaped spokes, parts stamped with bright chrome trim are also highlights. And of course, the Maybach S-Class has all the high-end technologies of the S-Class. 2.6 million pixels. ”


The Mercedes Maybach is a very long car, longer than the long-wheelbase S-Class. And for this Maybach generation (Z 223), the wheelbase is 18 cm longer than the long-wheelbase version of the S-Class (V 223). The dimensions length x width x height are respectively: 5,469 x 1,921 x 1,510 (mm). The wheelbase reaches 3,396 mm. And in appearance, if viewed from the side, the wheelset and the Maybach logo on the car’s C-pillar are still different, it is not difficult to recognize a Maybach with the details of the equipment, as well as the “oversized” length with There is a glass window on the C-pillar instead of the door like the S-Class.


Maybach S-Class 2021 is the first Mercedes car equipped with adaptive lamp technology in the rear, the lighting system will work intelligently when it can identify the outside environment, thus adjusting. the intensity and range of the light from the luminaire so as not to affect neighboring cyclists. The system also promises many other special offers, but at the moment they have not been presented in detail.

Piece of furniture


The Mercedes-Maybach is the most rear-facing car when almost everything is designed for the occupants. The rear cabin will have two seats integrated “without missing anything” in the car, for the 2021 version, it is equipped with massage of calves, neck, and shoulders with heating capacity.


Thanks to the increased size, the rear space of the Maybach S-Class 2021 also improves the recline of the seats. For the front row seats, also a place for the footrest, it is now possible to adjust the tilt up to 23 degrees (compared to the right angle of the chair back 90 degrees), for the rear seat, the maximum tilt 43, 5 degrees, and when folding the back of the chair to work, the incline is 19 degrees.

Mercedes_maybach_s_class_2021_ra_tinhte-1.jpg Another high-end Maybach thing is the use of materials and technology in the construction, which will be high-quality leather pieces and carefully selected decorative wood panels equally cared for. Particularly for perforated technology in leather seats, Mercedes has used many tens of thousands of microneedles to do this …


The design language is similar to that of the 2021 S-Class launched not long ago, which is the inspiration for yachts, oases or especially the user experience when it comes to the MBUX system. new. This can be compared to a smart mobile home when popular mobile security technologies are also equipped, or a smart assistant system or more.

Engine and transmission


At present, not all engine versions have been introduced. Particularly for the Mercedes-Maybach S580 version, there will be a 4.0-liter turbocharged V8 engine block. Combined with the light hybrid EQ Boost system, the maximum capacity is 496 horsepower and 700 Nm of torque.

Equipped as standard, the 4Matic 4-wheel drive system comes with a 9-speed 9G-Tronic full automatic transmission similar to the S-Class.

Regarding the new equipment and technology in Maybach 2021 or S-Class 2021, we invite you to review the launch of Mercedes-Benz S-Class 2021 in its entirety and more details in the following link:

Mercedes-Benz S-Class launched in 2021, is worthy of the leader in vehicle technology in

the Mercedes-Benz S-Class in 2021 and notable Gallery

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