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All-New Subaru BRZ 2022

The all-new Subaru BRZ 2022 comes out next year

OUWA – All-New Subaru BRZ 2022. The all-new Subaru BRZ was officially launched globally eight years after its first generation. This is a quite special car when it is designed to favor the driver’s sporty experience, and the more important thing is that the car is not too “abundant” in horsepower, so it can be easily used. date, and for the past eight years the Subaru BRZ has proven itself to be a 2 + 2 seater 2-door car that has an eye-catching appearance, is affordable, is sporty, and has won the hearts of fans.

With this generation 2022, All-New Subaru BRZ 2022 is completely improved from the inside out, but especially and most significantly it is the chassis system and suspension. It is known that the new BRZ chassis system is produced in cooperation with Toyota, most likely an improvement from the old chassis system or a completely new platform.

But the BRZ promises to continue taking the inherent sporty experience of this model to a further level when upgraded with items such as Lighter weight, extremely low center of gravity, and Subaru compares it to. In some supercar models, the ability to resist twisting of the frame increases by 50%, accompanied by another upgrade in appearance and interior, increasing engine power. And the new generation of BRZ uses rear-wheel drive (RWD) with manual or 6-speed automatic transmission.


If you look at the image, it will take a few seconds to recognize the new-generation BRZ, the difference can be considered small when at the front of the car are two new-style, wide-style air intakes. contours are more angular than the previous generation.


Still the soft design of the Japanese 2-door, but perhaps it has become muscular – stronger with an additional rear air intake of the front wheel and the near-road extending to the rear wheel recess. , making the car feel wider at the rear.


Property dimensions are length x width x height are respectively: 4,264 x 1,775 x 1,310 mm (101.4 x 167.9 x 69.9 inches). Wheelbase reaches 2,575mm (101.4inch). Most of the vehicle size has a slight increase, except for height, but not significantly.



Keeping up with the general trend when the interior is designed with the driver-centered language, most of the equipment in the driver’s compartment will tend to make the driver easier to see and manipulate, this is not only increased safety but also directly affects the “feeling” of the operator experience.


In front of the driver will be a 7-inch digital screen that displays multiple information and can switch to different display modes, displaying different vehicle technical information.


In the center will be an 8-inch touch screen entertainment and equipped with the latest generation Subaru Starlink multimedia system, which will fully include smart connections with phones like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto…


Engine and transmission


Subaru BRZ 2022 still uses the famous Boxer engine, DOHC dual cam system, DAVCS active valve control system, especially the use of Toyota’s D-4S multi-point direct fuel injection system, This will promise a quick launch of the Toyota 86 in the near future as it is with the previous generation.


The new engine has a capacity of 2.4 liters naturally aspirated in a 4-cylinder (16-valve) configuration. This engine will produce the maximum power of 228 hp at 7,000 rpm (+ 28hp compared to before), maximum torque of 250Nm at 3,700 rpm.


The Subaru BRZ 2022 retains the rear-wheel drive with the option of a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic with paddle shifters and Sport mode.


A specific price has not been announced at the moment, but the first cars will go on sale next fall and will be prioritized in markets that favor it such as the US.

You can see the 2019 version having the opportunity to hand here: In the hands of the 2-door sports car Subaru BRZ 2019


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