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Bentley will Produce Electric Cars from 2026, Until 2030 No Longer Build Gasoline Cars


OUWA.orgBentley will Produce Electric Cars from 2026, Until 2030 No Longer Build Gasoline Cars. Bentley Motors, the Volkswagen Group’s luxury car brand, has just announced that from 2026 they will only produce hybrid cars that combine gasoline and electricity, or cars with only electric motors. By the next decade, from 2021 to 2030, Bentley’s goal is to completely eliminate cars equipped with internal combustion engines that consume gasoline. On Thursday, the company announced plans to be named Beyond 100, and the plan is already underway, with two high-end plug-in hybrid engines coming next year. The first pure electric Bentley is expected to go on sale in 2025.

The goal of the Beyond 100 plan is also simple, that is to change all cars equipped with powerful but fuel-consuming V8 or V12 engines in a different direction, making Bentley a “leaf. flagship “in the” environmentally sustainable luxury car. ” According to Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark, the Beyond 100 plan will change almost every aspect of their manufacturing or distribution, from electric vehicle assembly lines to parts supply chains and parts. Car sales system around the world.

Bentley’s move itself is not only their own, but it is the general direction of the entire Volkswagen Group. Temporarily ignoring the diesel engine exhaust cheating scandal caused Volkswagen to be fined $ 25 billion, the “green” orientation of the planet’s largest car corporation has ambitions to sell about 1 million electric cars per year. from now to 2025.

Not only reorienting their product line, Bentley has also re-engineered its engine to counter the risk of a possible post-COVID-19 recession. Bentley’s “downsizing” process cuts about 800 staff positions, 200 of which will be transferred to outsourcing contract employees. The corona pandemic has been making Bentley difficult, but it is happening with many other car manufacturers as well.

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