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Who are active in the Microsoft Community?

Who are active in the Microsoft Community?
Who are active in the Microsoft Community?

Microsoft divides the Microsoft Community into 24 regions according to different languages ​​based on the differences in the native languages ​​of global product users. These regions are not only different in display language, in fact, but different language regions are also independent of each other.  (However, there are exceptions. The Xbox section in the community is unified. When you visit the Xbox section in any locale, you will be directly redirected to the English area). Normally, users of Microsoft products in China will seek help in the “Chinese (Simplified)” area, so I will only discuss the membership of the Microsoft Community in the Chinese area.

Active members in the Microsoft Community are mainly divided into the following 5 categories:

  • Microsoft Agent (Microsoft Agent)
  • Independent Consultant (Independent Advisor)
  • Voluntary Reviewers (Volunteer Moderator)
  • The authors | MVP | Microsoft employees, etc.
  • Microsoft product user (may also be a Windows Insider member)

Let me briefly introduce these 5 types of members:

1. Microsoft Agent (Microsoft Agent): They are experts hired by Microsoft to provide technical support to users. You can also directly call them “Microsoft Engineers.” Engineers may not have the highest technical capabilities, but once they take over and answer a question, they can ensure timely follow-up until the problem encountered by the user is completely resolved. Users and friends don’t have to worry about the situation that “people can’t be contacted suddenly”.

Microsoft agents usually use the default avatar and English name of “solid color + letters”. There will be an obvious “Microsoft Agent” text prompt below their avatar, which is very easy to identify. In addition, all Microsoft agents will also serve as “community reviewers” so that they can perform operations such as marking answers, filing, closing questions, and deleting offending posts.

2. Independent Advisor: They are freelancers recruited by Microsoft and its partner company Directly in the computer field. Independent consultants usually have high technical skills and have their own work in the computer field. They are not affiliated with Microsoft, are not Microsoft employees or engineers, nor are they employees of Directly. Microsoft and Directly will provide compensation for each individual according to the workload (number of issues handled) of independent consultants. This job has more work, but there is no basic salary and no benefits. It is still a good part-time job.

Why do I understand so clearly? Because I am an independent consultant in the Microsoft community ~ In fact, the level of independent consultants varies from good to bad. There are both super capable big cows and bad guys (such as myself). There are about 10 independent consultants in China. After the consultant platform receives new questions, they will not be randomly assigned to an independent consultant. The consultants need to answer the questions in a “quick answer” way. Each question can only be answered by an independent consultant.

After the user raises a question in the Microsoft Community, the question will first enter the independent consultant platform. If after 4 hours, no consultant submits a response, the question will be returned to the community and the Microsoft agent will be responsible for answering. If independent consultants find that they cannot solve the problem encountered by the user, they can also take the initiative to return the problem to the community, and Microsoft agents will follow up as soon as possible and continue to provide technical support for users.

3. Volunteer Moderators: They are the most dedicated volunteers in the community. They are responsible for providing technical support for Microsoft product users, communicating with the Microsoft project team, and assisting Microsoft agents in managing the community (performing operations such as marking, archiving, deleting, etc.) ). Voluntary reviewers will randomly provide technical support to some users, but they cannot ensure timely follow-up. In addition, voluntary reviewers can help users at any time, even if an independent consultant or Microsoft agent has provided an answer to this question, they can continue to make additional responses.

4. Article author | MVP | Microsoft employees, etc .: literally. Users who have published multiple technical articles in the Microsoft Community may be awarded the title of ” article author “; Microsoft’s world’s most valuable experts will be awarded the title of ” MVP “; they are not Microsoft employees responsible for technical support, but they also want to If you provide help in your spare time, you will be awarded the title of ” Microsoft Employee “. Like Microsoft agents, their titles will be prominently displayed. They usually have extremely high technical capabilities, but they do not often provide help to users. It is very lucky to meet them.

5. Microsoft product users: literally. Some Microsoft product users or enthusiasts will also help users in the Microsoft Community. Windows Insider members are particularly active because they usually master more computer-related technologies.

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