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finally come! Microsoft officially released Windows 10 October 2020 update: a new start menu
finally come! Microsoft officially released Windows 10 October 2020 update: a new start menu

Alternative method without icons on the desktop:

  1. Put it on the start screen, which is a new concept of “magnetic posts” in windows 10. You can right-click the desktop icon and select “Put on Start Screen”
  2. win+s. the win is the key with the Microsoft logo in the lower right corner of the keyboard, and s is the s key. win+s is a shortcut key for search, enter the name of the application and press Enter to open the application
  3. Put the most commonly used ones in the taskbar, the same is the right-click desktop icon, select “place it in the taskbar”
  4. Then you can delete all the icons on the desktop
  5. How to delete the recycle bin: desktop right-click→personalization→theme→desktop icon settings

Taskbar related settings:

  1. Right-click the taskbar → Taskbar Settings → Use the small taskbar
  2. Right-click the taskbar → search → hide
  3. Right-click the taskbar → Show Cortana, uncheck
  4. Right-click the taskbar → show task view, uncheck
  5. Right-click the taskbar → Show contacts, uncheck

Some alternative shortcut keys:

  1. win+s: Search, can be used to search for installed applications
  2. win+i: open settings
  3. win+e: Open the file manager
  4. win+L: lock screen
  5. win+v: you can see all the content copied before
  6. ctrl+c: copy
  7. ctrl+x: cut
  8. ctrl+v: paste
  9. ctrl+a: select all
  10. alt+f4: Close the current page, if the page is closed and then press, it is shutdown
  11. alt+tab: switch window
  12. ctrl+tab: switch browser tab bar
  13. Hold down ctrl: When selecting files, hold down ctrl to select non-adjacent files
  14. Hold down shift: When selecting files, hold down shift to select all files between two files


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