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Honda launched CB650R 2021


OUWA.orgHonda launched CB650R 2021. Honda has officially introduced the CB650R version 2021 with many changes in performance and operation compared to version 2020. Honda CB650R is a popular mid-size naked bike car of Honda, and with changes and lifting For this 2021 version, Honda will continue to maintain its sales more easily.


Showa’s reverse telescopic front fork with a diameter of 41mm, adjustable preload is the most notable new equipment in this 2021 Honda CB650R. This new Showa fork can adjust the compression and damping level to suit many needs, promising to bring a better experience for the owner of the car. Furthermore, Honda says that this Showa SFF-BP fork is lighter and stiffer than the version it replaces.


The next notable change is in the engine part, Honda has tweaked the previous 649cc engine to meet better emissions standards (Euro 5). Basic engine changes include:
  • The ECU is remapped
  • New exhaust
  • New catalytic converter
  • New sound absorber with a wider diameter
  • The additional crankshaft angle sensor
  • Use a new orange pillow


Honda has not yet announced the specific specifications of the new engine, but it is likely that the performance indicators will not change much and remain the same because these upgrades are only for improvement. emissions improvements, helping this model achieve stricter standards in demanding markets.

Honda CB650R version 2020 is equipped with 649cc engine block, DOHC dual camshaft, for a maximum capacity of 93.9 horsepower at 12,000 rpm, torque 64 Nm at 8,500 rpm. The power of this engine is still maintained to high revs from 10,000 to 12,000 rpm, these are quite impressive numbers, it is enough to meet the needs of the majority of car users. now on. In addition, the Japanese automaker has also equipped the optional torque system (HSTC) for this engine, helping users to be more active in controlling the vehicle’s power.


The next upgrade of the Honda CB650R 2021 is a new handlebar, which is slightly higher than the previous version, according to the Japanese automaker, this detail will help the driver feel more comfortable when operating the car at low speed.

In addition, Honda also changed some small details about the exterior design of the car. Specifically, the rear fenders and number plate mounts are designed to be more minimalistic, along with that the side panels are also compact, making the car more elegant. The LED headlight part of the Honda CB650R 2021 is also slightly tweaked with a new type of headlight.

Other new innovations include a brighter LCD screen and a USB Type-C charging port under the seat that will now be standard equipment. Honda CB650R 2021 will have a new Pearl Smoky gray color, the price will remain the same compared to the old version, which means about 9,199 USD in the US market and in Vietnam, this model is being sold for 245.99 million. copper.


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