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Free Ahrefs Account Creation and Unlimited SEO Audits

Free Ahrefs Account Creation and Unlimited SEO Audits
Free Ahrefs Account Creation and Unlimited SEO Audits

What is Ahrefs?

Ahrefs is known as a backlink checker and SEO tool of a website. This tool provides useful information about backlinks and SEO scores. Ahrefs offers SEO features like ranking checking and keyword analysis tools.

Ahrefs is known for its backlink checker because it has one of the largest databases of direct links. It uses crawl software to recreate your website the way search engines see it. This helps you understand your website better so you can optimize it for search engines.

When you use Ahrefs, you’ll get a dashboard that helps you keep track of all of your website SEO data. All you need to do is add a URL to track the SEO status of your website. This dashboard will show you errors, new links, URL ratings, and referring domain.

The lowest price of Ahrefs is 7 for a 7-day trial and the highest is $ 999. But today ANoyViet will guide you on how to create a Free Ahrefs account, unlimited keyword checking.

Create an Ahrefs account for Free

To check SEO keywords you need a keyword collection and analysis tool like Ahrefs, but not everyone has the money to buy an account. The author Dang Tuan group SEOmxh has instructed people to create a free Ahrefs account easily. With Ahrefs Free you will be used as a Premium account and look up your keyword rankings and website rank.

Step 1: Create an account ahrefs search console. In this step, you can use Gmail or Facebook to log in always for convenience.

Step 2:  Next you need to verify your domain to check. You need to be the owner of the domain.

verified domain ahrefs

The verification method is similar to Google Search Console, I will choose how to download the verification file and upload it to the host for convenience.

Finally, schedule ahrefs to crawl your domain for SEO and keyword analysis. You can further tweak some of the settings during ahrefs’ collection in the URL sources and Crawl settings tabs.

Step 3: Finally, you will see SEO analysis results such as Health Score, Domain rating, Referring domains, Baclinks, Organic traffic, Organic keywords….

However, you should note about creating a free ahrefs account as follows:

Disadvantage: is the Affiliate Agreement and almost everything of my website for ahrefs scratch: scratch and get the data too. If you declare it (the competitor can scratch out a portion of the ahrefs data you linked) but still limited bored. Restricting the use of the primary domain.

Advantages: later analyzed by the software and almost stable

Note: should use PBN to use because ahrefs will take all the data you provide, nothing is free at all.

So you have successfully created a free Ahrefs account, now let’s check the website ranking. About the backlink check, I am still limited, I cannot see the entire backlink, if I want to see, I must upgrade the account.

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