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Ryzen 5000 series runs on A320 / X370 motherboards, with BIOS for ASUS B450 and Gigabyte

Ryzen 5000 series runs on A320 / X370 motherboards, with BIOS for ASUS B450 and Gigabyte

OUWA.orgRyzen 5000 series runs on A320 / X370 motherboards, with BIOS for ASUS B450 and Gigabyte. Ryzen 5000 series will be able to run on 400 series and 500 series motherboards but recently, a series of motherboard manufacturers have revealed Ryzen 5000 series can be run on early generation motherboards like A320 and X370. Both Gigabyte and ASUS are ready to release new BIOS for Zen 3 processors.

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According to information from many forums and leaker on Twitter that they have tested the BETA BIOS for A320 and X370 with Ryzen 5000 series. A member of the Chiphell forum said that 300 series motherboards can fully support Ryzen 5000 series and an example is ASRock A320M-HDV – a cheap motherboard but still can run Ryzen 5000 series.

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The board is even powered by the 12-core Ryzen 9 5900X, 16GB of RAM, and it also supports the Renoir-series Ryzen 4000G APUs.

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Ryzen 7 Pro 4750G is an OEM APU and it uses Zen 2 architecture, Octa-core 16 thread, integrated Radeon RX Vega 8 GPU. Before that, AMD did not officially support Ryzen 4000 APU onboard platform. host 300 series.
Another member on the Overclock.net forum said Gigabyte also had a BIOS that supports Ryzen 5000 series on X370. This member confirmed that the BETA BIOS included the AGESA source code and the X370 board he was testing fully supports Ryzen 5000 series but PCIe 4.0 is disabled because the 300 series chipset platform simply does not support.

So up to this point, it can be confirmed that Ryzen 5000 series can run on 300 series motherboards and just wait for the motherboard manufacturers to release the BIOS. Besides 300 series, ASUS and Gigabyte have also released BIOS supporting Ryzen 5000 series on B450 series board, the list below, click to download BIOS file to download.

* For ASUS BIOS, you need to change the name with the BIOSRenamer tool then copy the BIOS file to USB to flash automatically using the BIOS Flashback feature.

ASUS (BIOS code 8501)

  • PRIME-B450-PLUS-ASUS-8501
  • PRIME-B450M-A-ASUS-8501
  • PRIME-B450M-A-II-ASUS-8501
  • PRIME-B450M-K-ASUS-8501
  • PRIME-B450M-K-II-ASUS-8501

Gigabyte (BIOS code F06c)

  • B450AORUSM.F60c
  • B450AORUSPRO.F60c
  • B450GAMINGX.F60c
  • B450MDS3H.F60c
  • B450MDS3HV2.F60c
  • B450MDS3HWIFI.F60c
  • B450MDS3HWIFIV2.F60c
  • B450MGAMING.F60c
  • B450MH.F60c
  • B450MS2H.F60c
  • B450MS2HV2.F60c


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