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What is the experience of using Windows Server as a personal PC operating system?

What is the experience of using Windows Server as a personal PC operating system?
What is the experience of using Windows Server as a personal PC operating system?

Starting from NT4.0, users who have used win server version for many years answered angrily~

NT4.0 VS WIN95
For most ordinary users, the win server version of the operating system from NT4.0 can be installed by some enthusiastic PC players at the time (the use rate of earlier versions and the number of users are very low, far inferior to DOS622+ The WIN32 combination will not be expanded ~ I have not used it), used as the main operating system to reflect its own’forced style’:-D. However, there were not many applications in that era, and the Internet was not yet popular. More players still use it to run games. DirectX has already appeared in that era, and NT4.0 has very weak support for it, and a large number of 32-bit games cannot run. In addition, neither 95 nor NT4.0 are stable. So if it is not necessary for real work, most of the players who have tried NT have changed back to 95… In addition, the Internet was not popular in that era, and the system as a “server” has not yet reached the age of arrogance.

98/me VS WIN2000 (NT5.0)
98 is no longer multi-table, ME can be seen as a more beautiful interface and the addition of 98 with better multimedia support, stability is still worrying. In terms of time, 98 and 2K are not contemporaneous products, but as soon as 2K comes out, super stable operation (blue screen is really a lot less and there is no wood!), and good support for contemporary games, has captured a large portion of players . I remember that in the first four to five years of the new century, 2K has a very wide range of users. And the Internet has also begun to spread, and quite a few senior players/staff have chosen to be the only operating system.

winXP vs win2003
XP is actually based on 2K kernel upgrade (NT5.1). In this way, a large number of users actually use the upgraded server OS. XP basically bid farewell to the blue screen, and it is still in use today. I won’t mention it again. I will talk about 2003 alone. This is the longest operating system I have used! (I used it for six or seven years from 2004 to 2010), who knows how cool it is! XP is already excellent, and 2003 is even better! The powerful memory management system makes it very good to control the occupancy of resources after long-term high-load operation. The “restart try” that the network administrator says most often is almost useless for 2003~…… Because there is basically no need to restart to solve the problem~

Since this era, there have been many arguments that “the server version does not support games well”. I have only one conclusion on this-” That is you don’t use 2003 at all .” Mastering some of the group strategy and the skills of turning on and off some services can fully play the game performance and graphical UI of 03. I am also a PC gamer for many years. I haven’t really discovered any game that can not run under XP under 03 ( Only turning off a “data execution protection” can solve 90% of compatibility issues).

Of course, most users are still very unfamiliar with Group Policy and many optimization techniques. It is destined that only a small number of users can feel his relative XP’s excellence. For developers, MAC had not yet become a development tool at that time, and Linux OS was not so perfect. Win still occupies a large market in the low-end service market. A lot of WINSERVER+ASP/ ASP.NETThe website illustrates this. 2003 super memory management and built-in IIS6, support multi-site binding and port access, many developers use.

win VISTA/7 vs win2008
vista and 7 have just come out. The beautiful interface has attracted a lot of people, but it will get bored after a long time. VISTA was a failed trial product and was soon replaced by 7. In fact, 2008 has inherited the excellent features of 2003, and the graphical interface of win7 can be fully realized after opening some services. The two can be used without any difference. I only used 7 for a short time. Win2008 has basically been used until 2011. It has not surpassed 2003 in experience. The reason for the change is that many new software can no longer run under 2003. Many drivers are no longer supported. Win7 is really unsatisfactory, only use 2008.

win8/8.1/10 VS win 2012
8.1 is much smoother than 8, so that they all feel that they are not the same operating system…so I used the system for ordinary users again. I also installed 2012 during the period, but I felt that it was not smoother than win8.1, so I changed it back. Has been used until the official version of win10 comes out to upgrade naturally. 2012 has not been used for a long time, so I won’t comment again, but the server I use in my work is 2012. After all, some new features and good support for PHP make the upgrade worthwhile (don’t ask me why I don’t use linuxOS, because I Will not T_T.)



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