There is always incomplete love in marriage, and there are always quarrels

    There is always incomplete love in marriage, and there are always quarrels
    There is always incomplete love in marriage, and there are always quarrels

    “I don’t know if other people’s married lives are more sweet than bitter? Or bitter than sweet?”

    “Before I get married, I always have confidence in my future married life, but when I really live my life after marriage, I feel like I’ve been beaten by reality.”

    “When my wife and I were in love, it was not too much to say’I love you’ countless times every day. Now, these three words are gradually being squeezed out by life trivialities and various small contradictions. I want to say, but there is something stuck in my throat. feel.”

    “Sometimes it’s really’different’, and we have to quarrel because of this. This feeling of being unable to control our emotions is very tiring, but I love her in my heart. If possible, I hope we will no longer quarrel. I’m really afraid that one day when we quarrel, she will leave me.”

    Not long ago, my friend Xiaowei told me about his “bad” marriage life with a frustrated look. I can understand his feelings. This kind of feeling that goes against my wishes will feel bad for anyone.

    But then again, he deliberately wants to change the current situation with his wife, but there should be no countermeasures at the moment.

    People often say: “Every family has a hard-to-read sutra.” Even family members who are united together, but because everyone is an independent individual, it is inevitable that they will have different opinions on the same things.

    Indeed, no matter how perfect the family is, there will always be relatively red faces in the family. Maybe my original intention is not to quarrel, but the other party will be wrong, and naturally, there will be irrelevant quarrels.

    But this is just like seasoning, the “hard dish” of life, without seasoning to enhance the flavor, the taste will not be so rich.

    Many people say that married life is more difficult to manage than in love because love only needs to take into account the feelings of each other and the feelings of the whole family in marriage. The original one-to-one model has become one-to-many, and the difficulty of management will definitely vary. The increase.

    Why do people always feel that their married life is either too plain or contradictory?

    Was the vows of each other in love just to have a mouth addiction? The answer is no, because the promises they made must come from the bottom of the heart when they use each other’s deepest affection. Who doesn’t want to give their significant other a happy future?

    But why is there such a big difference in the feeling after marriage? In fact, as I said before when you are in love, it is a matter of two people. After marriage, it is not just a matter between two people.

    If two people can join hands to step into the marriage hall and form a family, they will definitely be under pressure from all aspects. The bad emotions that accumulate between each other will also increase. If they can’t find a catharsis, they will naturally. There is an overflowing day.

    In fact, in many cases, if you can resolve your inner pressure and grievances in time, you can reduce a lot of conflicts and frictions with your lover.

    Just like there are more gray layers in your house, you still think about cleaning up, and the pressure and resentment in your heart accumulate a lot, so why don’t you think about cleaning your heart.

    When the inner pressure and grievances are resolved, naturally there will be more space to hold each other’s love, and the long-lost intimacy will increase accordingly.

    Ignoring one’s own problems is something that many people often do. In many cases, when there is a problem, they are generally less likely to review them on their own. This phenomenon often happens to people who love each other.

    Everyone hopes to be recognized by others and hopes to get more attention from others. In the life after marriage, what method can best attract the attention of the lover? My answer is: quarrel.

    When couples are quarreling, they both look like blasted cockfighting, glaring at each other. This kind of performance of “focusing” on each other is not what everyone wants, but it does cause the other’s high attention. “.

    In fact, such an approach is nothing more than that one’s own emotional needs are not met, and they don’t know how to fill them. The only way to get more attention from the other party.

    At this time, in fact, as long as you take a closer look at yourself and see what kind of love and appreciation you want to get, after that, you can avoid unnecessary quarrels by one of the simplest methods, which is to communicate with each other sincerely. Communicate, express your thoughts, and let the other party know how to untie this knot.

    Therefore, the difficulty in married life is not a continuous contradiction, but the constant opening of the heart and the communication between the hearts.
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