In love: good parting is with a smile, bad parting is with tears in the eyes

    In love: good parting is with a smile, bad parting is with tears in the eyes
    In love: good parting is with a smile, bad parting is with tears in the eyes

    Ms. Lin and Mr. Yang met in the same company. The two people’s hometown happens to be in the same city. They are considered to be most of the fellow villagers. So when two people chat privately on WeChat, they have a lot to do in addition to communication work. A topic that makes sense.

    In the city of Beipiao, the houses they just happened to rent were all in the same village in the city. It seemed that all the favorable conditions were created for them.

    Mr. Yang often waited for Miss Lin after getting off work. Over time, the two of them became in love with each other. On the way to send Miss Lin downstairs, Mr. Yang took Miss Lin’s hand. Miss Lin did not resist, so Mr. Yang asked Ms. Lin. Confessed, and asked her if she could be his girlfriend, Miss Lin nodded shyly.

    They are together like this.

    The relationship has always been good, so after a year of falling in love, the two met their parents, and both parents were very satisfied. Everyone envied the couple and thought they should send out invitations soon. At the time, the two broke up peacefully.

    The reason is that Mr. Yang is the only child in the family, and there is a grandmother who is over 80 years old in the family. She has been hoping that he will get married as soon as possible and can hold the great-grandson in her lifetime. So after learning that his grandson brought his girlfriend back, he kept talking. Let them get married soon and have a baby.

    Ms. Lin does not object to marriage but does not want to have children immediately after marriage. Mr. Yang also respects Ms. Lin’s decision. It’s just that the old people called over and urged them twice a day, and Miss Lin looked at Mr. Yang’s embarrassed face every time she felt uncomfortable. She felt that she could not be so selfish, but she was unwilling to go against her wishes.

    So the two had a good talk, Miss Lin said her own thoughts and felt that it was more appropriate for the two to be separated, not wanting to delay each other.

    Faced with the pressure in the family, Mr. Yang didn’t want Miss Lin to be embarrassed, so the two said okay quietly and parted peacefully.

    After the breakup, Miss Lin moved to another company to avoid embarrassment. Although the two did not delete WeChat or block each other, they did not contact each other after the breakup.

    One year later, Mr. Yang sent a message to Miss Lin, telling her: I have found a girl I like, so I won’t contact you anymore. I wish you will find your own happiness soon. Miss Lin replied: Okay, do you want to delete it? Mr. Yang said: Yes. Miss Lin replied: Then delete it!

    The former lover was deleted in the end, and there is no contact anymore. Maybe someone will say that this is really not a pity? Are Miss Lin and Mr. Yang really not sad?

    No, they are actually very sad, but they do not hate each other, some are just blessings.

    Miss Lin said: In fact, there is no fairness and unworthiness in this world. Even if some people meet and fall in love, they will only have a chance in the end. But if you don’t love it wrong, you are lucky. If you don’t leave regrets, you will be complete. After all, the road ahead is still very long, and the scenery along the way has to be looked up.

    Separation is just the norm in life, and many people are no exception. Regardless of the reason, when they are separated, they will be open and frank, even if the person next to them is no longer the other party, there will be no resentment.

    So: good parting is with a smile, bad parting is with tears in the eyes. Compared with the practice of weighing the pros and cons before giving up the opponent’s cold violence, playing and disappearing, calmly discussing, and saying that it is good respect for a relationship.

    Every girl has a boy he likes, and every boy has a girl he likes. I just hope to meet the right person at the right time. Even if I meet the right person at the wrong time, I have to choose to separate. Please remember to separate. To be clear, I will not regret it when I recall it many years later.

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