Powerful People are Masters of Emotion Control

    Powerful People are Masters of Emotion Control
    Powerful People are Masters of Emotion Control

    When we throw mud at others, the first thing that gets dirty is our own hands. When we lose our temper at others, the first thing we consume is our own blessing.

    If you have a bad temper, it hurts your body, your relatives and friends, and it is not conducive to your career. Over time, no amount of blessing can be left.

    Life is not to be angry. Only by holding back your temper can you leave a good fortune, and if you lose your temper, your life will be smoother.

    A friend once told a personal experience:

    Once, he drove up to the rush hour, and the yellow traffic light in front of him was on. He stopped worrying and stopped steadily, but a car behind him kept honking its horn, as if it was about to rush past.

    At this time the drama came. The car that had been honking the horn was side by side with him. The driver rolled down the window and shouted at him: “Can you fucking drive?”

    When he was about to respond back to the scolding, the emotional alert mechanism was activated, and he ignored the scolder, so he didn’t listen to a word of scolding, and the man kept scolding until the red light turned into a green light.

    My friend said “I wish you happy” and drove away.

    He told me: Over the years, he has learned a particularly powerful move. When he feels that his emotions are about to lose control, just count for two seconds in his heart, and he can calm down immediately.

    The more mature a person is, the harder it is for you to see the person’s happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy, because all his emotions are hidden in his heart, and his emotions are invisible.

    The more rookie person, the more you will find that all his emotions are written on his face, and of course, he will also appear in the circle of friends.


    Nan Huaijin once said: The upper-class people have the ability and temper, the middle-class people have the ability and temper, and the lower-class people have no ability and temper.

    Really powerful people can control their emotions no matter how big things happen.

    Only with emotional restraint can the mind be calm and the judgments made can be objective.

    Such people make fewer mistakes and have a greater chance of success.

    In “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms,” Guan Yu defeated Maicheng and was killed. Zhang Fei was angrily attacked and flogged the soldiers, causing his subordinates to surrender to the enemy. He also lost his life.

    Liu Bei called up his generals, and the army rushed to Soochow in great strength. Because of the anger in his heart, he sent troops rashly when there were few generals.

    The lone army went deep, and the company camp was seven hundred miles away. Lu Xun seized the flaw and defeated it in one fell swoop.

    Since then, Liu Bei has been devastated, and he takes care of Gubai Emperor.

    Later Zhuge Liang came out of Qishan and met Sima Yi.

    In order to provoke Wei to send troops, he sent people to send women’s clothing, insulting Sima Yi’s timidity.

    Sima Yi didn’t mind, putting on women’s clothes without changing her color. Let Zhuge Liang return without success, and died of illness in Wuzhangyuan.

    A few decades later, the three families returned to the promotion, and the Sima family survived to the end.

    “Cai Gen Tan” says: Those who are irritable and rude will accomplish nothing.

    The greater the temper of a person, the lower the probability of success.

    Once dazzled by anger, people’s decisions can become very dangerous.

    So the stronger the person, the less temperamental, the stronger a person. Controlling temper and calming emotions are a person’s cultivation and ability.


    “Huangdi Neijing” has a saying: All diseases are born with qi.

    Modern science shows that 90% of a person’s illness is related to emotions.

    A person who slaps the table and trembles all over, which is equivalent to an acute hepatitis.

    There is a wild horse on the African grasslands.

    Their habitat is exposed on the grassland, and many vampire bats often suck blood on their legs.

    Some wild horses disagree, while others are furious, kicking each other, hoping to get the bat down.

    It doesn’t take long to die from exhaustion.

    In fact, bats suck very little blood, and these wild horses died of their emotional out-of-control.

    Take a step back and broaden the sky.

    Useless arguments and anger hurt others and self.

    Not being angry is not counseling, but a kind of maturity and reason.

    It is a self-protection to avoid trouble and harm.

    Life is not to be angry.

    In many cases, letting others go is letting go of ourselves.


    Hu Shi once said: The worst thing in the world is an angry face.

    The worst thing in the world is to show an angry face to others, which is more uncomfortable than beating and scolding.

    When a person loses his temper, his temperament will change over time, and the traces will remain on his face.

    Over time, everyone around you will walk around.

    No one wants to be close to him, and soon will be isolated by society, no matter how powerful such a person is, the blessing will be dissipated.

    There is a kicking cat effect in psychology.

    A father kicked the cat next to him because of work pressure.

    The cat fled to the street and a car hurriedly avoided, but it happened to hit his child who was coming home from school.

    The bad emotions will not disappear, they will only continue to pass, and eventually take away all of their blessings.

    A person should learn to digest his emotions instead of venting his temper to others.

    Nan Huaijin once said the secret of not being angry.

    Whenever you are angry, immediately do a qigong, open your mouth, exhale first, then breathe in through your nose, and after swallowing, ask yourself if you want to lose your temper.

    When a person is angry, he has a breath in his heart, but if you open your mouth and swallow your breath, you will lose your breath.

    If you can soothe your temper, the outside world will give you back peace. Only when you can control your emotions can you keep your blessings in life.



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