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Honda CB1000R 2021 Black Edition

Honda CB1000R 2021 debuted with some exterior changes, adding "Black Edition"

OUWA.org – Honda CB1000R 2021 Black Edition. 3 years ago, Honda made a lot of bikers admire when introducing a naked-bike model with the “Neo Sport Cafe” style with the name CB1000R. This car is a combination of classic and modern. Recently, the CB1000R model was introduced with the 2021 version.

The power of the car is still a 4-cylinder engine with a capacity of 998 developed from the Fireblade like the old version, but the styling of the car has been tweaked to make it more refined. In addition, the car also redesigned some details to meet emissions standards as well as add technology.

Round LED headlights are a feature of the Neo Sport Cafe series. Outside Daytime Lights (DRL) remains the same, but the design of the headlight is tilted slightly to improve aerodynamics. You can see it easily and see that change. The aluminum cover of the radiator is shortened and tilted forward. Some of the details above are also redesigned to bring a more modern style but still retain the classic look. The back has a solo saddle made of new cast aluminum as well as a smaller number plate mounted position on a very beautiful single grip. Instead of using the current Y-wheel, the CB1000R 2021 version uses an eye-catching multi-spoke wheel.


In addition, the 2021 version also has a new look with beautiful full black called “Black Edition”. For anyone who is passionate about black like me, it is impossible to ignore this version. All chrome details on the regular edition have been repainted black in “Black Edition”. These include headlamps, side panels, fork clamps, clamps, … except for some alloy details on the wheels, engine cover.


Honda CB1000R 2021 still uses a 4-cylinder engine in line with a capacity of 998 cc. This engine produces a maximum capacity of 143.5 hp at 10,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 104 Nm at 8,250 rpm. The exhaust section has been changed, the fuel injection has been reworked and the new airflow sensor is in the exhaust to achieve better emissions standards. Driving modes remain the same: Rain, Standard, User, Sport.


The old LCD dashboard has been replaced by an eye-catching color TFT clock. This dashboard is capable of displaying basic information for the runner better. It can also be controlled by voice on the smartphone “HSVC” via Bluetooth. But to use it you must have a Bluetooth headset with a helmet. The car is also equipped with a USB-A port so you can charge the phone while traveling. Currently, the car has no official selling price.


Honda CB1000R 2021


Honda CB1000R 2021 “Black Edition”


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