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How to run iOS software on Mac M1 Processor

How to run iOS software on Mac M1 chip

OUWA – How to run iOS software on Mac M1 Processor. MacBook running chip M1 can open the app from the iOS and iPadOS very easy for you to use immediately on MacOS platform by downloading and output via software IPA iMazing. I have tried and realized this is the fastest and easiest way for those who want the need to use apps from iOS on a new Mac.

Download link: iMazing

iMazing probably not unfamiliar to many Apple device users when it manages the app and backup when connecting iPhone, iPad via computer.



After opening iMazing, connect your iPhone and select Trust on your iPhone, and enter the passcode.

After selecting Manage Apps – select the Library tab as shown above, where are all the apps on your iPhone, right-click on which app you want to download, then click install.

Then choose to install the. IPA file – then right-click again and choose Export. IPA Fileinstagram_onmac_m1.jpg

It is done! You can open that app normally on Mac, I used the previous example with Instagram, of course, there are many other apps that you can do the same, but the app window cannot be resized.

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