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Microsoft issued a End Of Service warning again! This version of Win10 will stop updating


Everyone knows that there are many versions of win10 system, but do you know these versions?

  • Version 1507 (Windows 10)
  • Version 1511 (updated in November)
  • Version 1607 (annual update/first anniversary update)
  • Version 1703 (creative update)
  • Version 1709 (Autumn Creators Update)
  • Version 1803 (updated in April 2018)
  • Version 1809 (updated in October 2018)
  • Version 1903 (updated in May 2019)
  • Version 1909 (updated in October 2019)

Of course, there is also the win10 v2004 version updated this year!

After reading these win10 system versions, do you look confused? The reason for saying these things is because many friends do not know that win10 will end support when they use the win10 system.

After all, Microsoft cannot always serve the old version, even the Win7 version that has been used for 10 years will stop updating support in early 2020.

And just recently, Microsoft once again announced the Windows 10 Version 1903 feature update is about to retire!

Didn’t you think that the win10 system of version 1903 will be retired now, and you don’t know yet, you are still controlling the update of win10 system desperately.

In fact, due to compatibility and other reasons, the Windows 10 May 2020 (20H1/Version 2004) feature update has not been fully deployed, except for the possibility of the next feature update 20H2/Version 2009 RTM version that may be finalized in September.

Therefore, Microsoft also reminds users that the Windows 10 Version 1903 feature update is about to retire, and hopes that they will complete the upgrade as soon as possible.

The general situation is as follows, Windows 10 Version 1903 will stop supporting on December 8, and these versions will no longer receive security updates. The affected versions include:

  • Windows 10 Home, version 1903
  • Windows 10 Pro, version 1903
  • Windows 10 Pro Education, version 1903
  • Windows 10 Pro for Workstations, version 1903
  • Windows 10 Enterprise, version 1903
  • Windows 10 Education, version 1903
  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, version 1903

Of course, different versions of the win10 system stop service time is inconsistent. Chinese cabbage also brings you the start and end dates of different win10 versions. For reference, let’s take a look.

In fact, from the picture above, we can see that no matter which version of the win10 system, the service time of the enterprise version/education version is longer than the service of the home version/professional version/professional education version/professional workstation version by one year. So that everyone has enough time to update.

So, if you find that your win10 system version has expired, how should you update it?

In this case, you can choose to set the system to automatically detect and update, or you can choose to install the win10 system on the USB flash drive.

Here, Mi Mi recommends that old computers use win10 enterprise version LTSC/LTSB version, which is smooth and easy to use and lasting~

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