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Microsoft office and Office 365 office software functions in detail

Microsoft office and Office 365 office software functions in detail
Microsoft office and Office 365 office software functions in detail

When it comes to Office, you must talk about Office 365. Office 365 is now the main version of Microsoft and a very cost-effective set of office software. So what is the difference between the two?

Office 2019 users need to buy one time, one machine, one code and use it forever. That is, after a successful purchase, this office will be bound to a fixed computer and account, and can only be used on a fixed computer. Microsoft will provide security and performance updates, but will not provide new features. Users who want to use the new features of the office must wait until the next-generation office series of products come out to purchase before they can use it.

Office 365 is an annual subscription cloud software. It brings together the familiar classic Office components, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Publisher, etc., and combines these components with the OneDrive cloud storage service, allowing anyone to use any device (Windows PC/Mac, tablet And mobile phones), create, share and co-edit content anytime, anywhere. In addition, it is updated for free every month to continuously optimize the user experience.

For the Home Edition of Office 365, Office 365 Home Edition can support 6 users. Each user has a separate account and 1TB cloud storage space. Each person can log in to 5 devices at the same time, which means that they can log in to 30 devices at the same time.

Office 2019 includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access, and Publisher at most.

In addition to the above, Office 365 also includes OneDrive and Skype for Business.

So what are these specific functions? I will introduce in detail below.

1. Microsoft Word

The full name of the word is Microsoft Office Word. Word is estimated to be the most used and popular software in the office suite. Even for a large number of people, the meaning of office is a word.

Microsoft Word has always been the most popular word processing program. As the core program of the Office suite, Microsoft Word provides many easy-to-use document creation tools, as well as a rich feature set for creating complex documents. Even if you only use Microsoft Word to apply a little text formatting or image processing, you can make simple documents more attractive than just using plain text. The latest 2019 version also provides functions such as drawing and writing with a digital pen, using LaTeX syntax in equations, using 3D images to obtain all angles and more.

But for ordinary people, Microsoft Word is used to create and edit documents, modify and store text files, record information, white papers, etc. These functions are very simple and convenient, which also makes Microsoft Word so popular and popular.

2. Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Office Excel is spreadsheet software. The intuitive interface, excellent calculation functions, and charting tools, coupled with successful marketing, make Microsoft Excel the most popular personal computer data processing software.

For ordinary people like me, the role of Microsoft Excel is to design and edit tables. But in the hands of professionals, Excel is a powerful editing and processing software, as follows (Figure Source Network)

3. Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Office PowerPoint is commonly known as ppt. PowerPoint can not only create presentations but also hold face-to-face meetings, remote meetings or show presentations to the audience on the Internet. The files made by PowerPoint are called presentations, and their format suffixes are ppt, pptx or pdf, picture format, video format, etc. Each page in the presentation is called a slide.

We usually use ppt to make presentations, such as a thesis defense ppt, work summary ppt, and project introduction ppt. It is to display certain information to the audience intuitively. It can bring a more detailed and shocking visual experience to the audience than a static file.

4. OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a set of free-form information acquisition and multi-user collaboration tools.

OneNote is actually the electronic version of the familiar three-ring binder with labels. It can be used to record notes directly or to collect printed “pages” or pages sent by other applications. Pages can be moved inside the binder, and at the same time, you can add notes, process text, or drawings through electronic ink technology, and can also embed multimedia video or Weblinks. As a container and a repository of information collected from different sources, OneNote notebooks are very suitable for organizing a large amount of information from a course or research project. You can create notes through text, audio, and video.

Generally speaking, OneNote is an electronic notebook, but it is very powerful, you can use audio and video, etc., and can be edited on multiple computers and operated by multiple users. For those who know how to use it, you can design a very beautiful page, borrowing pictures from Zhihu Ayou, as follows:

5. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Office Outlook is Microsoft’s main mail transmission and collaboration client product, which expands the functions of Outlook express that comes with Windows. Outlook has many functions. You can use it to send and receive emails, manage contact information, keep a diary, schedule schedules, and assign tasks. The latest version is Outlook 2019.

Microsoft Outlook is actually equivalent to the mailbox management software on mobile phones, but it has more functions, as well as other functions such as diary, calendar, etc. The functions of Outlook are of little significance to ordinary people, and there are many alternatives, so use Outlook. Few people.

But Outlook has a nice feature, Outlook can prevent sending emails without attachments. After composing a new e-mail and entering the word “attachment” or “attachment”, if you try to send the e-mail without adding an attachment, Outlook will remind you that you may have forgotten to add an attachment.

6. Microsoft Access

Microsoft Office Access is a database application development tool software, its development objects are mainly Microsoft JET database and Microsoft SQLServer database

Access is a database management system that Microsoft combines the graphical user interface of the database engine with software development tools. MS ACCESS stores data in its own format in a database engine based on Access Jet. It can also directly import or link data (the data is stored in other applications and databases).

Software developers and data architects can use Access to develop application software, and advanced users can use it to build software applications. ACCESS supports the Visual Basic macro language, which is an object-oriented programming language that can reference various objects, including DAO (Data Access Objects), ActiveX Data Objects, and many other ActiveX components.

In general, Access is suitable for data analysis and software development in some small companies, small organizations, or some departments. The ordinary user version does not have this function, nor does it use this function.

7. Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Office Publisher is a desktop publishing application software issued by Microsoft. It is considered an entry-level desktop publishing application software, which can provide more powerful page element control functions than Microsoft Word, but it is slightly inferior to professional page layout software.

In layman’s terms, Microsoft Publisher is used to producing publications, such as publication covers, brochures, posters, and other printed materials. But its function is not as powerful as this kind of professional software, so it is not widely used.

8. OneDrive

OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage service platform. You can manage your information through your Microsoft account.

The most commonly used function of OneDrive, the online Office function, Microsoft combines Office with OneDrive. Users can create, edit, and share documents online, and can switch between local document editing, local editing, and online saving or online editing and local saving. Files edited online are saved in real-time, which can avoid the loss of file content caused by downtime during local editing and improve the security of files.

OneDrive can also share specified files, photos, or entire folders, automatically back up albums, etc. It is a cloud service platform on the computer side.

9. Skype for Business

Skype for Business Online is a communication service that supports contact with people participating in meetings and calls anytime, anywhere. It supports users to access presence information and supports instant messaging, audio and video calls, rich online meetings, and a series of Web conference functions. It is mainly for companies to communicate with customers in different places and at different times, and realize collaborative office.

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