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How To Register Paypal


– One Email address
– One Visa / Mastercard pre-loaded into it is about 100K. If you do not have a Visa, you can buy at fastverify.net (remember to read the user guide carefully)
B1: Access https://www.paypal.com/ and choose to Sign Up

B2: Select Personal Account

B3: Select Online Shopper => Next

B4: At this step you declare personal information. Note that this information should be the same as the information on your ID card.
Then you will have to Verify your phone number, enter the code.

B5: You declare your address, note in the Identification Type, select National ID and enter your ID number. The address should also be filled with an ID card, Postal Code.

B6: At this step, click the PayPal logo in the upper left corner to go to the PayPal homepage

B7: Check Email and Verify

B8: Click Not Now -> Go to my Account

B9: Select Link a card

B10: Link a Debit or Credit Card

B11: Fill in your Visa / MasterCard information

B12: Click Done

B13: Return to PayPal and click on Confirm your card. Then Click Get Code. At this point your card will be charged an amount of about 70-80K. You check in the text of the bank’s balance change message there will be a paragraph such as 1352CODE. CODE will then be 1352.

B14: Click the Enter line the code to confirm your card.

B15: Enter the code and click Confirm

It is done


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