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How to create a VPN Using Free Amazon AWS VPS

How to create a VPN Using Amazon AWS VPS
How to create a VPN Using Amazon AWS VPS

A. Introduction

  • First, you need an Amazon AWS Free account.
  • This article is quite vague instructions, one is due to Amazon’s firewall and port policies, the other is that you only need to mess around once, and then connect is quite easy
  • I instruct to use Outline VPN, not install OpenVPN or L2IP because Outline VPN can be used on multiple platforms, easy to set up.

B. How to do it

B1: Select operating system Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS (HVM)

B2: Do not modify the configuration, click Review and Launch

B3: Click Launch

B4: Create new key pair -> Name the key -> Donwload Key Pair -> Launch Instance

B5: Go to  https://getoutline.org/en/home and click Get Outline Manager then install Outline Manager on your computer.

B6: Go back to the Amazon site, at NETWORK & SECURITY -> security group -> Create security group

B7: Name and Description, then click Add Rule

B8: Set
Type: All traffic
Source: Anywhere
Then click Create

B9: Go back to Instances page, select VPS just created, click Actions -> Networking -> Change Security Group

B10: Remove all ticks, just tick the created outline -> Assign

B11: Go to  https://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/latest.html download PuTTY

B12: Turn on PuttyGen

B13: Select Load

B14: File Type: All Files and navigate to the .pem file created above

B15: Click Save the private key and save the .ppk file to the Desktop or somewhere you like

B16: Run Putty up

B17: Connection -> SSH -> Auth -> Private key for authencation. Browse to the .ppk file you just created above

B18: Return to Tab Connection, type Public DNS in Hostname, then click Open  

B19: At login as, enter ubuntu

B20: Go back to Outline, at Log into your server, and run this command. Copy the entire code and paste it into Putty and Enter. When asked whether to install Docker or not, you can just enter

B21: Copy the green segment again and Paste it back into the Outline

B22: Click DONE

B23: To connect your computer or phone to the Outline, visit the Outline download page again, at the Start connecting section, download the file that is compatible with your operating system.

B24: At Outline Manager, you can create many Keys for different people or many different machines, people just need to download the App, enter the key to connect.

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