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Windows will have a new interface in 2021, codenamed “Sun Valley”.

Windows has a new interface in 2021 with the codename "Sun Valley"

Microsoft is preparing a major update to Windows 10 in 2021 codenamed “Sun Valley”. According to many sources this update will bring a breakthrough design for the Windows user interface. Microsoft is planning to update more human interfaces such as the Start menu, Action Center and even File Explorer, with a modern, consistent design, better animations, and new features.

Windows has a new interface in 2021 with the codename "Sun Valley"

This UI project is codenamed “Sun Valley” and is scheduled to be released as part of the Windows 10 “Cobalt” release, scheduled for the 2021 holiday season. whether internally described the project as “reviving” (too bad to have to revive character parameters) and modernize the Windows experience to meet user expectations in a world driven by other modern platforms.

Windows 10 has remained largely unchanged over the past few years, with very little in the design. Many other platforms on the market have gone through a complete redesign or UI refresh. While Windows 10 has undergone minor design updates with the introduction of Fluent Design, I haven’t seen any significant change in the user interface (especially the start menu with a heap of rubbish). users).

The Sun Valley project appears to be managed by the Windows Devices and Experience team, led by Product Manager Panos Panay, who was in charge of the division in February this year. Microsoft announced in May that the company would “re-invest” in Windows 10 in 2021, and sources say Sun Valley is the result of that reinvestment.

What’s new in Windows codenamed “Sun Valley”?

What's new in Windows code-named "Sun Valley"?

It is too early to determine exactly what will be updated in Sun Valley, but other sources say they expect a new Start menu and Action Center experience. Microsoft is also working on the Taskbar updating the File Explorer modern and improved user interface.

For tablet users, the responsiveness will be greatly improved. We know that Microsoft is redesigning the touch keyboard and emoji selector, as those changes are already in the Windows Insider Dev Channel. Microsoft will also continue not to design rounded corners in the UI, including app windows and other areas.

The sources also said expect wider adoption of WinUI in Windows Shell and in-box apps, which will provide subtle but improved design changes. Additionally, many legacy UI areas are expected to get dark mode support in an effort to make the Windows UI look and feel more consistent when using Windows 10’s dark theme.

When will Windows 2021 be released?

It’s important to emphasize that Microsoft can slash or delay these plans at any time from now until the update ships next year. There is a possibility that some of these plans will not go to the end product, as that is only expected by Windows operating system development and why Microsoft does not make this plan public on the homepage. However, here’s what Microsoft wants to offer Windows 10 customers next year.

Microsoft hopes to complete most of this work by June 2021. After that, Microsoft will RTM a build, ship it to OEMs, and begin testing in the Beta Channel as a designated release.

If Microsoft can execute its plans with Sun Valley, this will be the biggest UI change in Windows 10 in the last three years. Panos Panay wants people to move from needing Windows to loving Windows, and the refreshed interface is modern, intuitive, and design-oriented is a great start.

With Sun Valley, Windows 10 will still be familiar to PC users, unlike the transition from Windows 7 to Windows 8. For some features users will be able to switch between the new and the old experience, giving users a choice instead of forcing them. Sun Valley is all about improving and modernizing familiar Windows UX, not changing it completely.

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