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Facebook Messenger Add a Self-Disappearing Message

Facebook Messenger adds a self-disappearing message mode

OUWA.orgFacebook Messenger Add a Self-Disappearing Message. Facebook said it will update Messenger and Instagram to have a new chat feature that automatically deletes chat content when the chat window closes. This feature is called ‘Vanish mode’ ( mode disappears ), for users who do not want to save the contents of a particular chat, mostly young people will use often.

When in this mode, the entire content of the chat will automatically delete at both ends when the chat ends. From the normal chat window, users swipe up to turn on, swipe again to turn off this mode. The content disappeared on its own. Also causing concerns about privacy or content management, Facebook said users can take a screenshot to report if the chat has a problem. When taking a screenshot, the person on the other end will also know you’re doing it. ‘Vanish mode’ will only be used for private chats, not for group chats.

Now the new feature is rolling out to both Messenger and Instagram. Recently, Facebook has also updated so that users can chat throughout the two applications.



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