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Win10 is about to change? New Changes in Win10 in the Future

Win10 is about to change? New Changes in Win10 in the Future

Currently, Microsoft’s settings for Win10 are feature updates in the first half of the year and bug fixes in the second half. In other words, the largest batch of updates this year was actually released as early as May. This is the Win10 v2004 version we are using now. Does this mean that the next version of Win10 will no longer be worth looking forward to? Let’s chat with you today, what are the more reliable changes in Win10 in the future!

1. New Start Menu

Windows Start Menu

The new version of the start menu has been hot recently, and it is also a change that will attract more attention in the next version. Compared with the current version of the menu, the new menu uses a new theme-aware tile, cancels the background color of the tile, and can automatically adapt to the bright/dark theme of Win10. The overall UI is better than the current version, and its appearance is much improved. . The new menu supports theme color changing and can be automatically synchronized according to Win10 themes. At the same time, Microsoft also plans to introduce a new rounded design, which will also become a major aspect of Win10’s UI in the future.

2. UWP version resource manager

UWP version resource manager

Resource manager is also a topic that has been criticized in the current version. The main reason is that the UI design is out of date and cannot meet the needs of touch screen users. UWP will be the future development direction of Win10 resource manager. Judging from the preview images currently given, Microsoft is likely to follow the existing resource manager style and redesign a set of UWP version resource managers.

UWP version of the resource manager adopts a modern design concept, which is better than the current version in terms of interface color matching and module deployment. Because it is a UWP design, in addition to improving the touch screen experience, it can better adapt to the bright/dark theme of Win10, which can also be regarded as a solution to a more embarrassing problem in the current version. At the same time, Microsoft may add the long-awaited multi-tab function to the new version of the manager, which is also a change worth looking forward to in the later period.

3. UWP version disk management tool

UWP version disk management tool

At present, Win10 has not yet completed the UWP conversion, in addition to the resource manager, there are some very useful components. In the latest version of Win10 Dev Build 20180, some tools that have not had time to switch are also changing little by little. For example, its disk cleanup module adds a disk cleanup suggestion, which can perform special cleanup for temporary files, large files, unused files, unused applications, and files that have been synchronized to the cloud. This feature is very similar to the storage awareness in the current version, but different from the storage awareness, the cleaning recommendation is more like its version 2.0, that is, only cleaning files that need to be cleaned, rather than cleaning up a batch of fixed paths.

4. New version of the volume adjustment panel

New version of the volume adjustment panel

The sound panel has been improved several times before, but it still feels not convenient enough in actual use. Later, Microsoft is likely to make a more thorough change to this panel, combining the new panel with music software. In addition to being easy to use, the appearance will also have a greater improvement.

5. New calendar component

New calendar component

Earlier this year, Microsoft pushed a new calendar component to some beta users. In addition to the higher appearance, the new calendar is also better than the current version in many functional modules. Not only is it easier to use, but the operation logic is also clearer than the current version. Although Microsoft later closed the preview entry of the calendar component, there was news that some users still received invitations to test the component. This is undoubtedly good news for those who often use Win10 calendar.

Write at the end

Although compared with other vendors, Microsoft’s performance in software updates is “dragging.” But it is undeniable that as the most important set of system software in computers, Microsoft is obviously more concerned about stability than functions. With the gradual stabilization of the Win10 system and the beginning of its functional modules, Microsoft seems to have finally waited for the moment to show off its “dream”! So, how many of these “little” changes will be yours!


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