Having a Skill is an Adult’s Greatest Confidence

    Having a Skill is an Adult’s Greatest Confidence
    Having a Skill is an Adult’s Greatest Confidence

    I am learning to dance jazz recently.

    Because of the zero foundation and lack of motor cells, it really feels very hard to learn every movement. The reason why I have persisted until now and has not given up is largely inspired by our dance teacher.

    She is a post-90s girl, very young, but she can see a deep dance foundation in every move, she has also made a reputation in the industry with her strength, and is well received by the students.

    Watching her dance is a kind of visual enjoyment for us students. When the music is together and the action comes out, all the beauty and power of jazz dance come out.

    It’s a pity that when she did a calm and confident movement, when we learned it, it seemed extremely difficult.

    For example, taking a jazz step, which is the most basic movement, can’t get out of that taste. I always feel that my four feet are stiff, and I can’t coordinate my hands and feet.

    Once I was a little impatient when I was practicing, she came forward and patted me on the shoulder, cheering me up: “Don’t worry, I have to practice every movement repeatedly to be proficient and free. ”

    One minute on stage, ten years off stage. Although the teacher did not say how long it took her to achieve the results she has achieved today, it is not difficult to imagine how much effort she has put in for this purpose behind her elegant and skilled movements.

    I have to say that in the teacher’s body, it fully reflects the charm of technical expertise.

    In fact, as long as you try to get in touch, you will find that no skill can be easily acquired. If you want to become a professional, you can only rely on a long time of concentration and self-discipline, and the time and energy you need to invest in it is often only you can experience it.

    Regarding this point, I also feel deeply in my writing. I used my spare time to write for four years. From a novice who knew nothing about writing to being able to give lectures, the hardship I experienced was self-evident.

    But I pay my own rewards. Now I can confidently tell my students that I am a professional writer and have my writing experience and writing insights.

    In any field, possessing a skill is the best way for a person to be respected and recognized. How professional you are, you can be outstanding.


    How does it feel to have a skill?

    Zhihu has a short answer, but it is also very interesting: “I always want to fire the boss.”

    This sounds like a joke, but after deep thought, it really is.

    When you make a thing into a specialty, what you get from it is not only a sense of accomplishment, but also the confidence to deal with life.

    Because you know that in the workplace, you have mastered the initiative and the right to choose, and you are qualified to say what you want to say and do what you want to do, and you no longer have to be afraid of unemployment.

    On the contrary, if you don’t have a skill, it may be a matter of time before you fall into a professional crisis.

    I know a friend who has been looking for a job after being laid off from a state-owned enterprise. As long as he heard of any good entrepreneurial opportunities, he would try it out, but the result always ended in failure.

    I once persuaded him that instead of rushing to the doctor, he should calm down and learn a skill well. But it seemed to him at that time that he was so old and was still burdened with the responsibility of supporting his family, so there was no time to learn anything.

    But the facts have proved that the more eager to achieve something, the more nothing will be achieved .

    Because he has no professional knowledge and no time to learn, every time he encounters a little problem in starting a business, he can only fall into a helpless situation, and he has no ability to solve the problem.

    In a chat last month, he finally sighed and admitted the fact: These years, he has not been diligent enough, nor is he lack of foresight, but has lost his lack of skill.

    In the final analysis, the strength of a skill is also the foundation of a person’s life.

    Just as there is a saying in the Western proverb: Thousands are important, everything is important, and one skill is the most important.

    The life of an adult seems to be full of competition, but in fact, the way to stand out and stand firm is also very simple. It is nothing more than finding a direction you like, studying firmly, and expanding hard until it becomes you. The profession and expertise.

    When someone can only achieve 60 points for one thing, but you can achieve 90 or even 100 points, you will naturally become the winner.


    I watched a documentary about Mr. Qi Baishi not long ago, and I was particularly impressed by his experience of learning to paint shrimp.

    In order to paint the shrimps well, Mr. Qi insisted on sketching the shrimps every day, observing their looks and posture in the water. The shrimp’s every move, the scene of foraging, and his reaction when he was frightened were all drawn on paper, and then he observed repeatedly, and improved if there was something wrong.

    Such a boring action, Qi Lao has done for decades, with the in-depth observation, the shrimp in his pen began to become more and more vivid.

    In his later years, he can outline the shape of the shrimp with simple strokes. Although there is no drop of water in the picture, he can create the real feeling of the shrimp swimming in the water. The shape is accurate and vivid. The shrimp drew a high level.

    “Yu Hua Shrimp has changed several times, it looks a little like at first, once it becomes lifelike, and then changes the color into different shades, it can be achieved in a few decades.” This is the summary of Qi Lao’s life experience of painting shrimp in his eighties. His dedication and professionalism are truly impressive.

    After all, no one is born to be good at something, and a skill cannot be developed overnight. It requires not only hard practice, but also the accumulation of step by step over the long years.

    Of course, this process is not easy, but it also widens the gap between people.

    If you can’t bear the hardship of focusing on studying, you have to suffer from the hardships of life, leaving yourself in the situation of being eliminated and eliminated at any time.

    And a truly wise person will understand that if you want to gain a foothold in the world and practice a skill, you have to go. After practicing your skills in the first half of your life, you will have enough confidence to live the life you want in the second half of your life.

    I really like this sentence:

    If people are willing, why not take a long life, build a skill, and keep quiet.

    There is no fear if there is some confidence.

    Although the road in front of everyone is different, the best sense of security can only come from ourselves.

    No matter how complicated the world is, please remember that taking care of your work and honing your skills will always be the foundation of our lives.


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