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BMW introduces the BMW CE 04 Electric Scooter Concept

BMW introduces the CE 04 electric scooter concept: low center of gravity, looks like the C 400
OUWA.org – BMW introduces the BMW CE 04 Electric Scooter Concept. BMW has recently introduced an electric scooter concept called Definition CE 04. This electric scooter is developed from the Concept Link of BMW introduced in 2017. You can see the enormous design and the unusual proportions of the CE 04 and the Concept Link are no different. too big. In addition, to add a little more, you will also see that it is quite similar to the scooter model that BMW is selling in Vietnam, the BMW C 400.

BMW Motorrad‘s head of design Elexander Buckan said switching from an internal combustion engine to an electric motor will help his team create a CE 04 that is significantly lower in height than current scooters. the firm. A few details of the suspension as well as the powertrain are intentionally revealed to make this electric scooter look more aggressive.

The boot is made in the same position as on current BMW Motorrad scooters such as the C400 and above the battery pack. According to the company, it will be enough for bulky items as well as helmets. The car’s battery is placed at the bottom to help reduce the vehicle’s center of gravity downwards.

Currently, the concept of CE 04 has not been announced with specifications. This electric scooter is considered to be a moving tool rather than a fun car. Buckan says urban riders only travel about 12 kilometers a day, so they won’t need to try to race for the range or power of the car. It may be a bit vague, but you can see the sketches of the BMW release that show CE 04’s customers are fashion followers, police, or even astronauts.

Vehicle tracking is still a strong point of the BMW Motorrad family. CE 04 is equipped with a 10.25-inch instrument cluster to display key information about the vehicle as well as the surrounding environment. It can also connect to a smartphone to display information such as calls, messages. BMW confirmed that the CE 04 will be produced and the company has not revealed when it will start.


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