Home News MediaTek acquired Intel’s Enpirion for $ 85 million

MediaTek acquired Intel’s Enpirion for $ 85 million

MediaTek acquired Intel's Enpirion source chip business for $ 85 million

OUWA – MediaTek acquired Intel’s Enpirion for $ 85 million. Ricktek – a subsidiary of MediaTek has reached an agreement to acquire Intel’s Enpirion source of microcontroller and power management solutions. The deal is priced at $ 85 million and will be completed in the fourth quarter.

Enpirion is a company that makes PowerSoc or source chips bought by Altera – a company that makes FPGA programming circuits in 2013. In 2015, Intel bought Altera. To form the Programmable Solutions Group (PSG) and Enpirion is also managed by this group. Enpirion products typically feature DC-DC power converters with a high power density and lower electrical noise compared to analog converters. With SoC format design included

power stage (a chip combining Driver, high + low side MOSFET) with the inductor and digital current microcontroller, Enpirion’s PowerSocs allow quick adjustment of current and they are used in independent circuits. FPGA process and special integrated circuit ASIC. In addition, Enpirion also works as a bus voltage converter for memory, high-frequency technologies …

MediaTek acquires Enpirion to obtain high-frequency and high-performance power solutions, from which to develop systems. system for businesses. According to many sources, MediaTek is planning to develop ASIC business seriously, focusing on solutions to accelerate AI at a large scale.

For Intel, the Enpirion resale was not for money, but simply cut off an array of the PSG team so it could better focus on developing markets.

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