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PS5 Game: List of Games Released for PS5.

List of games released for PS5: just afraid of not having enough money, not worrying about lack of games to play
OUWA.org – PS5 Game: List of Games Released for PS5. Just afraid of not having enough money, not worrying about lack of games to play, In the past 7 years, Sony has released more than 4000 games for PS4 (2 days 3 games on average), so as soon as the PS5 is sold on November 12, Sony has prepared a relatively abundant game list for this system. You don’t need to worry about lack of good games to play on your Sony Playstation 5, blockbusters include Spider-Man Miles Morales, AC Valhalla, CoD Black Ops: Cold War, Demon’s Souls, Godfall, NBA 2K21, Hitman III, etc and so on … because So just preparing a lot of money is enough ๐Ÿ˜

The games released

Spider-Man Miles Morales

Capacity: 52.56GB
Price: 50 $

Tinhte_PS5_Games (14) .jpg

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla

Capacity: 41.8GB
Price: 60 $

Tinhte_PS5_Games (12) .jpg

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War

Capacity:ย 190.8GB
Price: 70 $

Tinhte_PS5_Games (17) .jpg

Demon’s Souls

Capacity: 52GB
Price: 70 $

Tinhte_PS5_Games (5) .jpg

Borderlands 3

Capacity: 49.64GB
Price: 60 $

Tinhte_PS5_Games (1) .jpg

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition: Devil May Cry Is Back, Baby

Capacity: 42.44GB
Price: 40 $

Tinhte_PS5_Games (2) .jpg


Capacity: 11.22GB
Price: $ 40

Tinhte_PS5_Games (3) .jpg

NBA 2K21

Capacity: 82.8GB
Price: 70 $

Tinhte_PS5_Games (4) .jpg

Watch Dogs: Legion

Capacity: 35.18GB
Price: $ 60

Tinhte_PS5_Games (7) .jpg

No Man’s Sky

Capacity: 11.44GB
Price: 60 $

Tinhte_PS5_Games (8) .jpg

Chaos Bane

Capacity: 11.32GB
Price: 60 $

Tinhte_PS5_Games (9) .jpg

Planet Coaster

Capacity: 11.88GB
Price: 50 $

Tinhte_PS5_Games (10) .jpg


Capacity: 30.32GB
Price: 60 $

Tinhte_PS5_Games (18) .jpg

Dead By Daylight

Capacity: 27.08GB
Price: 30 $

Tinhte_PS5_Games (20) .jpg


Capacity: 46.52GB
Price: 60 $

Tinhte_PS5_Games (21) .jpg

Overcooked: All You Can Eat

Capacity: 6.8GB
Price: 50 $

Tinhte_PS5_Games (22) .jpg

Observer: System Redux

Capacity: 9.76GB
Price: 30 $

Tinhte_PS5_Games (23) .jpg

Undead Horde

Capacity: 0.5GB
Price: 17 $

Tinhte_PS5_Games (24) .jpg


Capacity: 22.45GB
Price: 70 $

Tinhte_PS5_Games (25) .jpg

The Pathless

Capacity: 3.91GB
Price: 40 $

Tinhte_PS5_Games (26) .jpg

WRC 9: The Official Game

Capacity: 23.38GB
Price: 50 $

Tinhte_PS5_Games (27) .jpg

King Oddball

Capacity: 180MB
Price: 5 $

Tinhte_PS5_Games (6) .jpg

Fornite: Free

Tinhte_PS5_Games (13) .jpg

Coming soon


Released on May 21, 2021
Price: $ 60

Tinhte_PS5_Games (11) .jpg


Released on 8/12/2020
Price: 37.5 $

Tinhte_PS5_Games (15) .jpg

Hitman III

Released on January 20, 2021
Price: $ 60

Tinhte_PS5_Games (16) .jpg

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