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BMW Develops Glider Integrated Electric Motor, Maximum Speed 300 km/h

BMW develops glider integrated electric motor, maximum speed up to 300 km / h

OUWA.org – BMW #NEXTGen 2020. BMW Develops Glider Integrated Electric Motor, Maximum Speed 300 km/h. In partnership with Designworks, the experts at BMW have released an electric motorized glider suit that significantly increases the time spent in the air for those who enjoy this extreme sport. It is known that this is part of a larger project titled #NEXTGen 2020 by BMW – which is the story that BMW wants to tell about their vision for products for the mobility industry in the future.

To return to the point, the above special glider suit is integrated with 2 carbon blades with extremely lightweight, accompanied by 2 motors for a total capacity of 15 kW, allowing 5 minutes of operation after each charge. When the glider descends from the plane to a suitable height, the propellers activate to increase the amount of time they are hovering in the air. The maximum speed that the glider can achieve with this outfit is up to nearly 300 km/h. It took 3 years for BMW to develop this extremely special product.

The character you see in the trial clip above is Peter Salzmann – an Austrian guy with a passion for flying since childhood. Like so many other children with the desire to fly freely in the sky like birds, Peter Salzmann was from a young age to express that intense desire. What’s not like us is that he is always looking for people to fly.

Salzmann jumps from anywhere he thinks can give him a feeling of hovering, starting with jumping off the roof as a child, then becoming a professional stuntman, athlete skydiving, and finally a professional paraglider. Therefore, perhaps Salzmann is the most suitable person to experience BMW’s new product in this completely foreign field.


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