Home News Mike Tyson Makes His Return With Iconic Black Trunks

Mike Tyson Makes His Return With Iconic Black Trunks

Mike Tyson Makes His Return With Iconic Black Trunks
Mike Tyson Makes His Return With Iconic Black Trunks

OUWA.orgMike Tyson Makes His Return With Iconic Black Trunks. We are just a few days away until the former world champions- Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. break their retirements to lock horns for the WBC frontline title on November 28, in an 8-round exhibition clash.

It will be one of the biggest fights of this year, bringing back the ‘Golden era’ for the fans. While Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. have hit their dotage, they still have the itch to lace up the gloves.

That said, they can put on fireworks inside the ring. 54-year-old Tyson and 51-year-old Roy are still in great shape and appear ready for a war against each other.

Since the fruition of the matchup, both the veterans have posted clips of their training on social media. Needless to say, they can still shut force on their opponents with one punch.

Flexing their power, speed, and footwork, they are perfectly matched for each other at this point. Meanwhile, certain pictures of Mike Tyson have been revolving around social media, comparing the physique from his prime time to how it has turned now.

Having a difference of 34 years from his first title win, Tyson has evolved in many ways. No wonder we will see a more mature version of ‘Iron’ Mike when he sets foot inside the ring in the coming days.

Mike Tyson looks shredded in the latest pictures


Prior to his return, Tyson’s latest photoshoot reveals his current physique. Interestingly, he is spotted sporting the short black trunks, which he used to don in his 20s.
Not much has changed since then other than Tyson’s age and a stellar controversial career of highs and lows. While his return is on the verge, old school fans have just got a glimpse of the bygone days with the social media post.

‘Iron’ Mike has also posted some pictures from his official Instagram handle, adding more thrill to the tale. It’s great to see the heavyweight great in tune as he looks yoked now. If he lands the lethal right hand, Tyson can still put any man on the planet to sleep. That said, he is ready to showcase one.

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