Home Auto Kawasaki develops the K-Racer: The H2R’s Supercharged Engine Unmanned Helicopter

Kawasaki develops the K-Racer: The H2R’s Supercharged Engine Unmanned Helicopter

Kawasaki develops the K-Racer: the H2R's supercharged engine unmanned helicopter
OUWA – Kawasaki K-Racer: The H2R’s Supercharged Engine Unmanned Helicopter. The Kawasaki K-Racer is a hybrid helicopter developed by Kawasaki with an emphasis on the vehicle powering engine from the Ninja H2R supermoto. That means the helicopter has a 1,000cc supercharged engine capable of producing a maximum output of up to 300 horsepower. Saying that a hybrid helicopter is because the design of the top propeller (4 meters long) is not the same as a conventional helicopter, it can adjust the tilt angle to provide more flexible omnidirectional operation.



K-Racer does not have tail propellers, instead, two propellers are arranged on two sides. They are responsible for generating thrust while balancing torque with the main propeller to ensure the plane’s equilibrium. Thanks to this special design, the K-Racer has a much faster flight speed than other helicopters on the market.


At this point, the Kawasaki K-Racer is essentially just a product that flaunts Kawasaki’s technology. The Japanese manufacturer said it had conducted the first trials of this vehicle and the initial results were extremely favorable. With this momentum, in the near future, the company will use that success to embark on the development of VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) vehicles – the expected vehicle of the future. Kawasaki develops planes – it sounds ridiculous but incredibly convincing.


It is easy to forget that Kawasaki is not merely a unit specializing in the manufacture and sale of high-displacement motorcycles. Kawasaki Heavy Industries is a 124-year-old industrial company that brought in $ 15 billion in revenue last year. Just $ 3.2 billion of that came from the motorcycle and engine divisions – another $ 2.5 billion came from energy systems and factory engineering, and $ 2.2 billion from machines and robots.

Kawasaki’s largest division is related to the aviation sector, earning the airline $ 4.6 billion. The company specializes in the manufacture of small civilian and military helicopters, as well as jet engines for Airbus and Boeing aircraft.

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