Make your life and work simple but not simple

    Make your life and work simple but not simple
    Make your life and work simple but not simple

    The more intelligent people are, the more they like the simple life, such as:

    1. Don’t do ineffective social interactions but spend time with your family.

    2. No big talk, no gossip, perfect language.

    3. Keep diligent and spend all your energy on what you are good at and what you like.

    4. Dress concise, not fancy, pursuing a clean and comfortable self-experience.

    5. Do not drink juice containing additives, eat fruits; do not drink carbonated drinks, drink hot water, or tea.

    6. Compared with going to the gym, I prefer natural outdoor sports.

    7. Do not scan the screen to see fragmented information, like to read classic books.

    8. Make sure what you need before buying.

    Smart people also have their own simple working principles, such as:

    1. Rather than having more material, it is better to have more time.

    2. Instead of relying on the platform, it is better to rely on personal credit, strength, and influence.

    3. Instead of making more money, it is better to make yourself more valuable.

    4. Instead of just selling, it is better to provide help.

    5. Instead of an increased salary, it is better to increase personal brand.

    6. Rather than provide more products, it is better to provide better services.

    7. Instead of pursuing convenience and speed, it is better to experience hardships often.

    8. Instead of looking for great happiness, it is better to cherish the small happiness of the moment.

    All the pursuits in life are, in the final analysis, the pursuit of freedom. The freedom of heart is the greatest freedom. When you find that your heart is not controlled by foreign objects, you truly become freer: simple but not simple. In the future, minimalism will be the mainstream of product design, because people no longer need fancy and redundant things as “added value.”

    The highest value in the future is to find yourself, the most popular fashion is to be yourself, and the most extravagant thing is that your heart is no longer involved in foreign objects.

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