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Honda Odyssey 2021 Launched in Japan, Price $ 33,784


OUWA.orgHonda Odyssey 2021 Launched in Japan, Price $ 33,784. Honda has just officially introduced the Odyssey 2021 in the Japanese domestic market. Odyssey is Honda’s famous full-size MPV, with a lot of technology, features, and facilities for families.


Honda Odyssey 2021 has been upgraded in terms of design, cabin as well as technology comfort to help users use the car more convenient and comfortable. You note that the JDM (Japanese domestic) version of Odyssey will be somewhat different from the version sold in the North American market, basically, the size will be a bit smaller, technology and amenities also. other than that, the specifics you will see clearly in this post. (Read Also Honda CB125R 2021 New Engine Price from 2,960 USD)


The first change that is most noticeable is the front end, the Honda Odyssey 2021 has a more rounded nose, with a redesigned grille and air intake cavity made up of multiple horizontal metal bars. Superficial and aggressive for this MPV. The LED headlight system also has a new, more modern, and bigger design. (Read also Honda CB1000R 2021 Black Edition)


At the rear of the car, the taillights are also adjusted with angular lines and stronger. The most prominent is the chrome bar that runs across the tail, attached to the new light system, giving a wider and sharper feel to the rear. Turn signal light system in front. and the rear is also slightly tweaked, for more seamless lighting. (Read also Honda launched CB650R 2021)


Not only is the Honda Odyssey 2021 refreshed in terms of design, but it also comes with two useful and interesting features that the US-made brother doesn’t have. Honda Odyssey 2021 is equipped with a gesture-controlled sliding door system and an intelligent automatic door lock system. These two comfortable equipment make using the car much more convenient, especially for parents who are always busy with their children. Users can easily open the car door or do not worry about locking the door while carrying furniture or holding the baby.


The first equipment is similar to the current “trunk rock” technology, Honda has added sensors in 2 of the side skids. Users just need to wave their hands or touch the elbow to the car door, the sliding door will automatically open, as long as the key is in your pocket and you are near the vehicle.


Auto-lock is a new feature that automatically locks the car after all doors are closed. You can enable this feature by activating the proximity sensor via a button on the door handle or smart key. After you have loaded everything into the car and closed the door, the car will lock itself and emit an audio message and flash the lights. This way, you no longer have to reach into your pocket to take out your keys to lock your car.


Another very cool feature that many people will like is the one-touch seat lowering system with the button, making it easier for children or adults to get in/out of the car and sit down. year-old. In addition, the cabin is also slightly upgraded with a 10-inch center screen, a new 7-inch design dashboard, and an 11.6-inch rear-seat entertainment screen. The dashboard now looks simpler, softer, and more seamless, giving a very pleasant feeling.


In the Japanese domestic market, the Honda Odyssey 2021 is equipped with a hybrid engine system with a 2.0-liter petrol engine with 2 electric motors, with a starting price of 40,585 USD. In addition, customers can choose a cheaper version with a 2.4-liter petrol engine, priced from $ 33,784.


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