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Voigtlander Introduces the Super Nokton 29mm F0.8


OUWA.orgVoigtlander Introduces the Super Nokton 29mm F0.8. Voigtlander has officially launched the Micro Four Thirds lens with the world’s largest aperture today, which is the Super Nokton lens with a focal length of 29mm (equivalent to 58mm on full-frame) and aperture F0.8, large. More than the previous record aperture of F0.95.


The Voigtlander Super Nokton 29mm F0.8 is a lens designed exclusively for Micro Four Thirds (M43) with the world’s largest aperture in the world today for a mirrorless lens. The angle of view of this lens is approximately 42.75 ° (equivalent to a 58mm lens in full-frame format), and with its ultra-large aperture of F0.8, this lens promises to give users photos with Extremely smooth and impressive font deletion. You can check out the test photos that you inserted at the end of the post!

Main Features of the Voigtlander Super Nokton 29mm F0.8 lens

  • The maximum aperture is extremely terrible with F0.8, for good shooting in extremely low light conditions
  • Thin, smooth & beautiful DOF with 12 aperture blades creates a 3D effect when shooting at maximum aperture
  • Utilizing exclusive GA lenses, Voigtlander is able to design optical systems using a high melting point glass material. In addition to delivering high image quality even at the largest aperture of F0.8, this lens is compact in size and weight, making it easy to hold and suitable for the M43 system, which has always had a compact design.
  • With the newly designed aperture switch mechanism, the photographer can adjust the aperture super smoothly, without creating a “click” sound like normal lenses, as it is not split. step by step. This eliminates the operating sound of the aperture ring during movie recording, and also allows for the most detailed control of depth of field possible.
  • This Voigtlander Super Nokton 29mm F0.8 lens comes with a standard metal hood with good exposure
  • Specially designed optical and lens system to match the M43 mount, delivering sharp images at the highest quality
  • The focusing ring has been specially designed precisely, providing maximum realism and smoothness when adjusting focus.

Basic specifications of the Voigtlander Super Nokton 29mm F0.8 lens

  • Focal length: 29mm
  • Maximum aperture: F0.8
  • Minimum aperture: F16
  • Lens Construction: 11 elements in 7 groups
  • Viewing angle: 42.75 degrees
  • Number of aperture blades: 12
  • Minimum focusing distance: 0.37m
  • Maximum magnification: 1:10
  • Filter size: 62mm
  • Length: 88.9mm
  • Diameter max: 72.3mm
  • Weight: 703g
  • Lens hood: fixed to the lens
  • Price: about 2,000 USD
  • Time of sale: December 10, 2020


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