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Microsoft Edge Sync Browsing History and Tabs Across Devices

Microsoft Edge was able to sync browsing history and tabs across all platforms

OUWA.orgMicrosoft Edge Sync Browsing History and Tabs Across Devices. On Microsoft Edge, new users can now sync turned open tabs and browsing history of your devices and on the platform.

Specifically, Microsoft has redesigned the browsing history entry, similar to the Favorites entry. It will be divided into 3 main tabs, including a list of all opened web pages, recently closed tabs, and recently closed tabs on other devices. The recently closed tabs feature will show the last 25 tabs you opened.

About syncing browsing history, this is the thing that users ask the most during the last time. The new modern Microsoft Edge has docked in a lot of different operating systems and now, Microsoft has updated this feature. Users can view browsing history on all platforms that Edge has, from Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux.

Currently, Microsoft is gradually implementing this feature to users, so there may be users who have to wait a short time to be updated.


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