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An Apple Suit for Women that You Can Give on a Special Occasion

An Apple suit for women that you can give on a special occasion
An Apple suit for women that you can give on a special occasion

OUWA.org – An Apple suit for women that you can give on a special occasion. It’s almost the year-end festive season near you, Black Friday or Christmas is coming, have you come up with any gifts to give to your woman? If not, this post will be for you. In this post, I will help you list out Apple devices that you can consider buying for your girlfriend, wife, mother, sister … I also know that not everyone likes Apple products, but most women also like Apple devices, especially pink items, this post I will make Apple products, next post. Samsung stuff.


iPhone has always had a huge attraction for everyone, not only women, including those who are familiar or not knowledgeable about technology. The iPhone has a very special icon, the iPhone is smooth, the iPhone takes beautiful pictures, the iPhone is easy to use … All of those reasons are true if it applies to the iPhone. Females worship beauty, so choosing an iPhone to give is not strange at all. The blue color on iPhone 12 must be said is very beautiful, very beautiful, and polite, the sisters who use this color will automatically be 62 times more beautiful and beautiful.

The new iPhone 12 was launched by Apple at the last October event. If you wait for the genuine goods, it may be until early December, but if you buy portable goods, the stores already have sold them, the price is around 25 million, which is quite suitable for a new iPhone. Apple’s. More technically about the iPhone 12, it runs the latest SoC A14 Bionic, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of internal memory. With this configuration, not worry that it may take on the tasks of the sisters or not decent, call it smooth

In addition to the iPhone 12 Green, you can choose the white iPhone 12, which is also very beautiful and elegant. Or you can choose the iPhone 11, there are many colors to choose from, but if you gave it away, give it to the new iPhone 12, right? it.

MacBook Air Gold


With a laptop, to match the female from appearance to design, you can consider the MacBook Air. For women, laptops or any technology it also acts as a jewelry item, no matter how much or less, and if it is a laptop, the two factors of beauty and lightness are two factors. the top that the sisters care about. But the MacBook Air meets both of those criteria, beautiful, the previous MacBook is still too beautiful, no doubt, the MacBook Air is also very light, suitable for putting in your bag or backpack. neat, the carry-on is not too heavy.

In terms of configuration and performance, it depends on their needs, you can consider more, however, women who love beauty, then with them MacBook Air is very great. They often have a need for not too hardcore in terms of configuration (there are also but you know the MacBook Air is not suitable), they just need a beautiful machine and they can be satisfied to use it. Yes, the appeal of the MacBook and Apple is unquestionable.

The configuration of the MacBook Air is not weak, Apple just released the MacBook Air running Apple M1 with very strong performance, stronger than the MacBook Air itself running Intel CPU, it is also cooler than the old generation due to the SoC M1. Produced on a 5nm process and has very impressive performance per watt, Apple even removed the fan, so you can rest assured that it will not get as hot as the previous version.

The price Apple is selling is $ 999 and has been reserved, the price must be said to destroy a lot of Windows laptops, with what the MacBook Air gives users, this price is too good.

Apple Watch Series 6 Gold Aluminum


With the Apple Watch, it is too clear, this is a more reasonable choice. Apple Watch with Gold Aluminum color that wears on the sisters’ hands cannot be any better. In addition, the Apple Watch is a device that Apple focuses heavily on health, with features such as fall detection, stress detection, sleep quality measurement, SpO2 measurement, measuring the menstrual cycle, measuring the heart rate … So if you care about their health, this is a no better option, it works perfectly with both residential devices. above always. The selling price in Vietnam is not too high for the aluminum version, around 12 million.

Apple AirPods 2 / Pro

This is probably a rare Apple item that doesn’t have pink or female colors, but the white on the AirPods is also very beautiful, very suitable for women. Moreover, the feeling of wearing is very comfortable and the ability to connect to an iPhone or MacBook is extremely simple and fast, without complications, making it difficult for you.

In addition, smart gestures also make their use more convenient, they will not have to think too much when they want to go through the post, how to pause. I think AirPods are a must-have accessory for the sisters.

iPad Air 4 Gold



As for the iPad, the current iPad Air 4 is the most likely, because why, because it’s new and it’s in pink. The design is also new like iPad Pro, powerful processor A14 Bionic, large 10.2-inch screen for women to live virtual TikTok or entertain, watch movies. It’s the perfect replacement for the iPhone and MacBook when going to bed, needing a device for entertainment but still having a big screen that looks good, then the iPad is exactly what they need. The sisters around that I know do not seem to like the iPad very much, so I was a little hesitant to put it here, but what if the woman thinks differently. If you talk about mobile devices that consume the best content today, no one dares to accept the number 1 iPad No. 1. iPad Air 4 Green bundled purchase for a couple.

Okie above are some of the devices in the Apple ecosystem that I think are suitable for women, you can refer to buy for your half on special occasions, especially during the Christmas season. Upcoming birth, nothing worse than that, right,


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