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How Does the Process of Building the UK’s Largest Cruise Ship

How does the process of building the UK's largest cruise ship play out

OUWA.orgHow Does the Process of Building the UK’s Largest Cruise Ship. Here’s the clip fast forward the process of closing the train traveling the greatest England at Meyer Werft shipyard in Germany. That is the ship named Iona of the company P&O Cruises with a length of 345m, the weight of 185,000 tons and a capacity of 5,200 passengers with a total construction time of 2 years actually.


P&O Cruises President Paul Ludlow said at the October handover that Iona was originally planned to begin joining the company’s other operating fleet in April. Currently, the company’s operations are stopped until early 2021 due to the impact of the disease so the Iona will not be allowed to launch at this time. However, according to the International Yacht Association (CLIA), although yacht manufacturing orders for this time remain near historic highs, 18 new ships are expected to be delivered to customers this year.


As the world condition improves, Iona’s cruise is expected to start from Northern Europe, Spain, then to Portugal, and continue to the Canary Islands.


The yacht industry generates huge revenue worldwide with a value of up to 150 billion USD in 2018. However, due to the prolonged disease situation, the operation of yachts froze earlier this year, especially when a series of disease outbreaks were on board. According to the Financial Times shared this year there would be 19 new ships to be launched, but most of them have been delayed. For example, the launch of the Scarlet Ladyship of Virgin Voyages has been delayed twice. Meanwhile, some shipyards have closed permanently.

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