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OPPO Prototype OPPO X 2021

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OPPO today announced a prototype of a phone with a scrollable display called the OPPO X 2021. This machine uses an OLED screen and thanks to its thin and flexible properties, instead of folding back and forth, OPPO now designs one screen. The 6.7-inch figure can be stretched out to 7.4 inches thanks to the Roll Motor system of roll motors, allowing this machine to transform from Phablet into a larger size.

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OPPO X 2021 https ___ t.co_dLUSQ2jwb0.2020-11-17 17_24_34.gif


OPPO said in more detail that the pull-out pull-out drive system of the OPPO X 2021 will include two motors that generate a uniform force to expand the screen of the device, ensuring the screen is not damaged during the process. operate. This mechanism allows users to want to use hand force to manually pull the screen out at will instead of having only 2 states: folding or opening like a folding phone.



On the other hand, OPPO says that the screen of the OPPO X 2021 has no folds or ripples thanks to the use of a 6.8 mm curved bezel located on one side of the screen for the panel to scroll in and out. To ensure the toughness of the screen, OPPO created a 2 in 1 support plate from 2 inside.

This support disc has a comb-style structure to support the display. When the screen is closed, the teeth will slide in and form a concealed support disc, when pulled out, they still together support the screen below without gaps, thereby forming a screen surface. Flat and smooth touch when swiping up.


To protect the sliding mechanism on the back, OPPO has designed a dynamic frame section, which includes a fixed frame and a sliding frame. When the screen slides out, the sliding frame and cover and battery cover will move to the back to preserve the internal structure better.
cover_OPPO-X-2021 --- rollable.jpg

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