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Drone T1 Pro: Underwater Drone with Sony Sensor, 4K Video Recording, Dives Up To 170 Meters

Drone T1 Pro: Sony sensor, 4K video recording, diving 170 meters deep underwater
OUWA – Drone T1 Pro: Underwater Drone with Sony Sensor, 4K Video Recording, Dives Up To 170 Meters. Underwater robotics company Geneinno has just introduced the T1 Pro, its second remotely controllable underwater drone.
Designed primarily for industrial purposes, it has a number of features that will appeal to photographers and video-makers alike. It can dive up to 175 meters underwater and illuminate the surroundings thanks to a pair of 3000 lumens LED lights mounted in the front.

It has a total of 6 gender propellers for maximum maneuverability underwater. Unlike aerial drones, it has a pretty impressive battery life: 4 hours with a built-in battery and 8 hours with an additional external battery. Each battery can be fully charged in 3 hours. Top speed reaches 2 meters per second.

Although this drone is not made primarily for photographyBut what it is equipped with is not bad. The T1 Pro has a 1 / 2.3 ”Sony CMOS sensor, 2.5 aperture, and a fixed shutter speed of 1/30 second. It can shoot in JPEG, DNG RAW, or both at the same time with a 128Gb internal memory card. With this sensor, users can record 4K 30fps and 1080p 60fps videos. In addition, it also comes with the ability to play Livestream with resolution up to 1080p.

The video below shows the manufacturer’s first-generation T1 underwater drone that can enter the water to a depth of 150 meters, although not as much as the T1 Pro, but still very impressive.

Underwater photography is always a favorite with those who love to travel, especially in places with tropical weather. That’s why one of Olympus’ bestselling lineup is the Tough TG-6 camera that shoots underwater. But it’s a handheld device so if you want to explore underwater and get more material, you will definitely need machines like the T1 Pro.

Due to the complex nature of radio waves and water, T1 Pro uses long lanyards to connect with the mobile device and the controller. There are several methods used to communicate wirelessly underwater, but there is no guarantee to handle Livestream at high resolution.

The T1 is equipped with a variety of optional add-ons to suit industrial applications such as omin scanning sonar, water quality detector, a second external camera mounted below the T1 pro for underwater assessment, one Robot attach arms and laser gauges to measure objects that divers cannot safely explore.

At $ 3000, the T1 Pro seems out of reach for the average user and is limited in terms of photography and video, but it has shown us the possibilities that could develop in the future for drones and robots in the field of photography.


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