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Vivo Launches OriginOS: A New Interface

vivo launches OriginOS: a new interface platform with an emphasis on widgets

OUWA – Vivo Launches OriginOS: A New Interface. Vivo introduces OriginOS – a new platform on Vivo smartphones to replace the previous FuntouchOS. OriginOS emphasizes widgets, as well as changes a lot in terms of the display from the home interface, theme, lock screen, …



Widgets on OriginOS are Vivo inspired by the Klotski block-puzzle game – or Vivo calls it the Klotski grid. Each widget will be like a shape and will be customized by the user, which can be used to decorate the layout for the Home screen. Vivo seems to turn home screen now mainly displaying widgets instead of pulling app icon out like before.

Each widget corresponds to most of Vivo’s default apps and also third-party apps. No matter how the user changes the size of the widget app, it still displays quick information for the user. For example, what is the weather, what is the date and time, there are some unread messages, how many emails have not been checked, …



Wallpaper on OriginOS is more realistic for users when it is possible to choose environmental effects during the day, for example, when it is sunny, the background will be sunny, the rain will show rain, light/dark. Or have beautiful flower wallpapers from when they first popped up to bloom.



Gestures on OriginOS are also very basic that users can choose from, for example, choose between pure Android navigation bars, or full swipe gestures – including left / right swipe to back, or private swipe 3 The equivalent of 3 navigation keys includes: Multitasking, home, and back.

vivo claims that there are 26 navigation swipes in total on OriginOS, we’ll wait for an update soon to fully experience what those 26 gestures are.

Data optimization

OriginOS has a new feature called Multi-Turbo 5.0, it allows users to save more RAM when using the machine. For example, in the process of using many apps, the system automatically knows which applications you will use the most, which applications are not needed to optimize RAM, so you can imagine that it is not necessary to wipe off. when the apps are no longer in use, the system is smart enough.

OriginOS will be updated soon on Vivo X60 and X60 Pro, there are no details on the update schedule on other devices in general yet.


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