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Gold Blood The Rarest Blood in the World


OUWA.org – Gold Blood The Rarest Blood in the World. You probably know that every drop of our blood contains red blood cells and is responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the body, in addition, blood also contains white blood cells that help fight infections and small cells Bridge is responsible for blood clotting. In addition, blood also contains 342 antigens including proteins and sugar covering the surface of red blood cells, playing an important role in determining blood type. There are two of the most common blood type systems, ABO and Rh-positive / Rh-negative that form the eight primary color groups that most people are familiar with. From this basic blood group, blood is further divided into millions of different types.

So what is the rarest blood type?

According to information from the American Red Cross, blood rarely carries the rare antigens in the blood or lacks the common antigens that everyone has. One of the rarest blood types in the world is Rh-null (blood without any Rh antigens), also known as yellow blood. The reason for this name is that these blood carriers can be transfused to anyone with the rare Rh blood type, and the blood is so valuable that it is considered a drop of gold.

This blood type was first discovered in 1961 in the body of an Aboriginal Australian woman. Up to now, only about 43 people in the world have this bloodline and only a few of them have agreed to donate. Because of its scarcity, although the identities of blood donors are completely anonymous, many hunters find them to call for more blood donation. Even so, Rh-null blood is only used for the most dangerous cases because it cannot accept any blood species except the Rh-null itself. It is a huge problem for people of this color group, just need to transfuse blood other than Rh-null, their antibodies will immediately react and cause death.

Rh-null blood plays a huge role in medicine, but is very dangerous for those who have it, Mosaic said. The proportion of people with this bloodline is extremely small and lives scattered all over the world, so it is difficult to find donors when in distress and transportation is also a big problem. Therefore, people with this type of blood are often encouraged to donate blood as a means of insurance for themselves. With that same scarcity, this places a burden of kindness on those who take it to agree to donate to others.

Such as the story of Thomas – the person with the rarest blood in the world. Thomas was born in Switzerland in 1963, at the age of 10, during a hospital visit for infections, he was identified as an Rh-null bloodline, meaning his blood does not contain any 61 Rh antigens. That immediately made him extremely valuable in the medical and scientific circles. The hematology researchers have also conducted blood tests of Thomas’s family members and the results show that only Thomas possesses this rare bloodline. By the age of 18, Thomas was advised to donate blood for himself.


That is why even when he was a child, his parents did not allow Thomas to go to the detention center because he was afraid of an accident. When he was an adult, he was exempt from military service. Throughout his life, he had to live carefully to avoid situations in which he needed blood, such as always driving carefully, not traveling to places without modern medical facilities. In addition, Thomas always carries with him this super rare blood type note card in case of uncertainty.

Realizing the great benefits of his blood bring, Thomas has made many blood donations to help people. Although many places do not finance Thomas’s trip, he is still willing to go to Western Europe, France, or some other countries to donate blood. It was these blood donations that caused Thomas to suffer from a lack of red blood cells, so he was only allowed to donate blood twice a year to ensure his health.



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